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Hi there folks. I am a fan of the die-cut dollhouses and other available minature things. You can see some of them on My Webpage that I maintain as a way to share my hobby. I worked for many years with full sized airplanes and their design and built models of them along the way. Now my grandchildren (5 girls) dictate my interest in dollhouses. I also do architectural models at really ridiculous scales like 1"=43 ft.

I am looking forward to hearing from you folks.

Dave, GSOLFOT (If you don't understand what that means, please ask.)

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Hi Dave! Welcome to the forum.

I just went to your website and I'm in awe. You do fantastic work! I literally didn't know what to look at first. I love the fishponds and your cottages, but your Beaumont is just beyond words! What a gracious and elegant home. The solarium is a wonderful touch. I started drooling over the spiral staircase. Did you design it yourself? The work is too fine to be a kit or prefab.

I'm almost speechless. I keep looking back at your site and oohing and aahing over something else. (my cat is up here on the keyboard wanting to see too) The Willowcrest is stunning with it's bold colors and the Bostonian is just impressive. I keep going back to the Beaumont tho. I think I'm charmed by the solarium. :lol:

I'm equally fascinated with your architectural models and your planes and trains. I think I even saw a 1/144 house in there somewhere too. I don't think I've ever seen such a wide range of mini's all in the same place!

They're all beautiful Dave. You are an artisan.


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:lol: Hi Dave! Did you wear your green socks! The great Oz sees all! :(

Your work is great--welcome here. Always nice to see a sockee.... :D

Lisan, gsolfot

Keeper of the Magical Pumpkin Patches~^*^~P.A.A.,P.I.

Member of the Ancient & Honorable GSOLFOT club...

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Dave, GSOLFOT (If you don't understand what that means, please ask.)


Hi Dave, I have no idea what that means. So do please tell.

BTW, great site, love the work. And the Dremel part it looks like you're also using one of their scroll saws with the rotary tool. Looks awesome. All the best mate.

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