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ATTN all of you who have easy cutter blade problems


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Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent them and a copy of the letter Lindsey From customer service sent back to me. I will also attempt to add the directions she sent me on how to change the blade.


Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 12:54 PM

To: Lindsey

Subject: Easy Cutter

I belong to a large group of women who make miniature dollhouses, many of us have the product you sell called the easy cutter. We all love the product with the exception of one thing: changing the blade. I know of several who loved the product until it came time to change the blade at which time they had such trouble changing it they have tossed the cutter in the corner and swore to never use one again. Those who have managed to get the new blade in have found that it no longer cuts correctly. If you could offer any advice as to an easy way to change that blade any little hints tips or techniques that I could share with others it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to just one of the threads about the easy cutter


The next one is a lot more positive


I would hate to see people not buy your wonderful product from reading about the difficulty of changing the blade.

Thank you very much for your time


And her reply back to me:

Dear Rhonda,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I have attached the instructions on how to change the blade. Unfortunately, when this kit was originally manufactured, we did not yet have instructions on this. We are working to get them included in the packaging to prevent this from happening. We would like to send you two of our easy cutters to show our appreciation for your patience. If there are any other women that have damaged their easy cutters in the process of changing the blade, please have them return it to us with Attn: Lindsey and we will replace the easy cutter.

Our address is:

PO Box 564

400 S Indiana St

Hobart, IN 46342

Thank you,


I am just wowed about her response talk about awesome Customer service!


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Thanks, Rhonda, for stepping in and getting answers! :huh:

I've printed out the instructions to keep with my Easy Cutter. I got a few extra blades when I bought it but haven't had to change the blade yet.

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oh man I owe a huge apology to all the guys on the forums I really didnt mean to leave you all out I feel bad now, I should have said men and women........ :D

its cool. :banana: your forgiven :huh:

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Thanks! I'm going to print those out right away! I got a new blade but haven't tried to change it yet..so this is very timely.

And it's great to find another company (other than Greenleaf!) with such great customer service!

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What great customer service!! By the way I am not a woman!! B) There are other men on this site too. Just bugging you, By the way i suggest You remove your email from the post. Any one (non members or no.) Can read the forums.

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Ya gotta love a company who writes instructions in MY kind of techie talk (PICTURES!).


But what do they mean by Replace "A" with "B" ?? I'm hoping it becomes clear in the doing, 'cause it is sure causing me to scratch my head in the reading!

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But what do they mean by Replace "A" with "B" ??

The nut has two sides; in "A" the side with the "collar" around the hole is facing towards you & in "B" it's facing the cutter. Maybe to keep everything aligned while it's apart so it won't go back together crooked?

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Actually that is EXACTLY how I changed the blade, and it ended up no longer in line, it's slightly off at the tip, meaning it won't cut correctly. The sleeve insert is just too tightly in the hole. And I found you can't pound the sleeve in after replacing the blade, I had to use vice grips to press fit the sleeve.

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