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Varnished staircase


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Hi I have got a mahogany staircase which is higly varnished. I need to attact the spindles, I have tried wood glue, super glue, sanding the varnish off but nothing is working. If anyone has any suggetions or has experienced a similar problem I would be extremly grateful for any help.

Thank you :)

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As you have tried, sanding off the varnish in the spot you are trying to glue to will help. I would have thought something like Quick-Grab would work. If it doesnt, I would try two-part epoxy adhesive which is very strong and dries rock hard. The brand name in the UK is Araldite, and I find the easiest kind to use is a sort of plunger that pushes the two mixes out of two tubes simultaneously. You only need a tiny amount, you mix the two liquids together on a bit of card with a toothpick, then dab it where you want to glue. You have to clamp or hold your item until the glue thickens, and it takes up to 24 hours to completely set. But once it is set, it is set! It's good for attaching doorknobs if superglue doesn't work for you (never does for me, I think I give off anti-superglue waves or something).

Good luck,


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