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Hi, I'm MJ, and I'm a miniature addict. I'm 35, married with one daughter who just turned 3, and am a homemaker. I volunteer a lot with our church: my husband and I are directors of th

Wow so many interesting people! I'm 52 and was a nurse in the National Health Service in the UK for 25 years mainly doing burns and plastic surgery and orthopaedics. Became completely burnt out

Howdy, and it's wonderful to be back after falling off the map fora while.  I used to be woodland_miniatures and oh, how I've missed you guys!  Went through a series of bizarre medical troubles

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Well let's see...

I am single and no kids but I would love to have both..

I work a lot I am a dispatcher for the Kentucky State Police.

I find that it is very rewarding job for me, I love helping people.

I have been involved in miniatures for a long time but work on them here and there.

I recently bought a storage building and turned it into a studio a place to hold

all my "stuff". lol

I am couch potato. I love to watch movies and tv.

My favorite shows Men in Trees, CSI, NCIS, Amazing Race, Lost, Ghost Whisperer, Lagauna Beach.

My Favorite movies are Grease and Cinderella Ever After..

I love to play online and being around my family and friends..

I have a degree in Broadcasting and worked in radio for 10 years. Had tons of fun, but

needed a job with insurance and a retirement.

I need to lose weight and have been diagonised with being PRE diabetic.

So I am trying to learn. But I am lazy and have delt with depression for a few years. Unfortunely that is the truth.

My favorite color is Purple, Lavender.

I love the Fall time of the year and Oct is my Favorite month.

I love snow as long as I do not have to drive in it.

I love to watch it rain.

The Sunshine makes me smile and happy.

mini hugs


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Back in March I had announced what was to be good news from DS#1, which turned into tragic news & everyone was SO sweet & supportive.

Well, I am very pleased to repeat the announcement, this time she is due in late Feruary and yesterday's ultrasound Miss Grayson obliged her expectant parents by displaying that she is, indeed, planning to be a little girl. I think she'll get the Lily. Actually their house is big enough for more than one dollhouse... Although I'll start her off with larger dolls and animals. I have a knitted saque set and a crocheted bunting (so far), I shall have to grab up some pink or peach yarn when I get home. :welcome:

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I don't care too much for blyth either but have a friend who is totally in love with her. My love is Gene dolls too.

I love Blythe! Someday I want to get one, i still haven't. I don't know why i like her..Andrew thinks she's ugly, but i love her big head and eyes!

Congratulations Holly! I hope everything goes well!

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I did a brief new member introduction. Here's more. I live in Michigan above Detroit.

I've been married 19 years to a man that I met in a newspaper ad. He looks like Santa. He has been called Santa on several occasions by children. My favorite holiday is Xmas. He had a truck when we met. I love trucks. I won't drive or ride in a car anymore. We have big trucks. An F250 with dragons painted on it and an F150 with flames and skulls and an expediton. I only wear dresses/skirts. No slacks. Ever. Flower prints mostly. Hubby wears hawaiian shirts. Wasn't planned.

I have 2 girls. One is a free spirit. Lives in Florida at the moment. Very smart. The other is Woozy on MyBedbugs tv show. She is my clone.

I am a collector.

8 parrots

50 other birds

1 large tortoise who walks around the house

7 other turtles

3 dozen mice

2 dozen hamsters

1 cat

5 dogs -2 springers, 3 border collies, more to come in spring

2500 breyer horses

600 barbies

2500 dvds

200 + guns

100 dragons

100 fairies

1000 books

400 my little ponies

big collection of antique boat stuff

8 aquariums - 4 30 gal, 3 55 gal, 1 125 gal with stingrays

8 garden ponds

80 koi

I love to garden hosting 2 garden and pond tours every year

I landscaped and dug all the ponds myself

7 or so dollhouses

25 xmas trees

300 xmas houses - ceramic

300 halloween houses - ceramic

50 easter houses

20 summer houses - I paint a lot

every tool and woodworking machine you can think of

big tv and bose stereo in every room including basement and garage and backyard

I have 4 computers so I have access anywhere

I sew and crochet

I can build a house and am currently finishing the basement. I just finished the garage. I will gut and redo the kitchen this winter

I have almost everything in common with lpcullen. I could have written her blog and signed my name. It's wierd.

my favorite color is purple.

favorite flower is violets.

I try to live every day like it's my last. You never know when that truck is coming...

my license plate reads 'broom 1'

I never get mad (maybe 6 or 7 times in life)

my hubby and I own our business. EPA, DEQ and DEA are always in the background. We are green though, so I don't worry.

I blab a lot.

I love to hear what other people just got and watch home videos and see their vacation photos.

I haven't had a vacation since 1992. Don't miss it.

I seem to end up with a lot of 1930s stuff.

I like to watch tv and movies for stuff I have.

I believe in reincarnation and ghosts.

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Hi, Deana, welcome again.

Thank you everyone for the good wishes which I'm passing on to DS & his lovely lady.

Marg & Tracy, in one of the antique "malls" we ran into in The Valley I found "Barbie's Friend" Rosie for a wonderful price.

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Ok, since I never did a new member introduction I will do it here.

First good luck and congratulations to Holly!

For the most part I love anything crafty. I love scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, cross stitching, making cards and computer graphics (cards, calendars, albums, etc.). My sisters and I always collected miniatures and when I was in middle school my mother and I built my first house for all of our furniture. Unfortunately when my parents downsized they gave the house to some cousins who didn't take care of it well and it is no longer around. Since then, I have started two of my own with all the things I couldn't have in my first one--lights that work, flooring, wallpaper, etc. My problem is that I enjoy the interior decorating too much and tend to stop once I can put the furniture in. I also like to garden, but haven't really done much with it this year.

I am recently married. It will be 2 months next week and still adjusting to the changes that come with marriage. As a result of our marriage, I have moved to a different part of the area around Boston and quit my job as a high school math teacher. So I am going through many adjustments and have more time on my hands than I should. Since my craft room isn't completely set up (my mother-in-law is moving out tomorrow so I'll have more space for it) I haven't really done much of my crafts and have discovered this forum to be great for getting me through some hard times.

In my other free time I like to spend time with my husband and my cat. I also love to go out with my friends.

I also collect snow globes, teapots and Cats Meow Village houses from places I've been or lived. My husband collects model boats and lighthouses and magnets. One of our challenges has been to fit everything into our house.

I actually found this forum searching for Bayberry Cottage instructions and people were great to respond to my need right away. Valerie sent them to me that day. Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and supportive.

So that is my life in a nutshell.


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I am just beginning to get involved with mini's. And how could I not, since my mother is wenlaine (Wendy)!?

So here are a few other things about me...

My avatar is the Wolverine from Xmen, because I LOVE Hugh Jackman!!! Dreamy.

I met my husband across the street from where I grew up. He lived there since he was 4, but there is a bit of an age difference between us (12 1/2 years), so we didn't go to school together or anything.

I started university in 1996 and am still not done! I took what I call a well deserved break...got married, had my daughter, and I'm finishing up my Psychology degree this year.

I worked in between for a Customs Broker/ Freight Forwarder, where I loved my job, but the commute was something else. So after my maternity leave, I gave them notice, so that I could stay at home with Corrina.

I love dogs, and have a 6 year old Boxer named Winston.

My favourite colour is Red. I love to read, especially romance. I like Nora Roberts, any other suggestions? I need an escape from reality :whistle: no romance there, right!

Lastly, one of my favourite things to do are logic problems and puzzles. I just luv'em!

It's been fun getting to know all of you.


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Hi Everyone!

I did an introduction a long time ago but most of you probably won't remember seeing it.

Anyways, my name is Katharina and my birthday is November 25, 1961. I was born in Vlaardingen, Holland and have lived in Canada since the age of 13.

I work for our municipal government, same place as Susanne (Missy Mew), and have been with them for 26 years this month. Besides working full time, I have also completed two programs at our university in the last 6 years, will complete another one this year, and will finish my last one hopefull next year. I truly am getting tired of this phase.

I don't have any human children but I am the proud caregiver of 12 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guineapigs, 5 frogs, 2 freshwater aquariums, and a stable of seahorses. I also love growing orchids and bonsai.

Besides that I am a collector of many different items, Chatty Cathy dolls, vintage Barbie and family, dollhouse items, etc.

I live with a guy whom I consider to be my best friend, his name is Ron. I wish that he would get going on my Garfield house though since it has been 11 months since I received it. Ron is a very nice guy who cooks, cleans, and takes care of all of my critters.

Anyways, I know that this group is very special due to the people. I know that Susanne only speaks very, very highly of everyone and since she is my best female friend, her word is good as gold to me.


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Hi Katharina!

12 cats?! Wow! We have 5 and they are our fur babies! Seahorses? how cool! Can you post a picture somewhere? They are intriging creatures!

My mom is from Delft originally. She and her family moved the U.S. when she was 12 years old.

I collect barbies and other things myself!

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A little about me.... hummm lets see

My name is Karen, I live in California and I am so hooked on these miniatures. I find myself looking around the house and in stores for things thinking,, "humm, now how can I make that work in my little house."

I live in a old house on about an acre of land. Gracie May, (my house) has all the crown moldings around the doors and windows and the 6" mop boards, yep she is old, but in great shape. She has leaded glass front windows and the front door has an oval beveled window, as you can tell I am proud of her. I also live across the driveway from my dad, whom I still learn from daily, even at my age.

My best bud is David, (Hydroped) we grew up together but we live way to far apart now days. I went back to school when my son did not need mom anymore and now work as a Certified Sterile Processing Tech for a major Hospital here in California. It is a challenging job but I love it, you can teach an old dog new ticks. I was an Instructional Aide for 11 years for the School District here in the town I live in while my son was in school, the hours fit well, I was home when he was.

I have a cat I adore, Poof, that is her pictue as my Avitar, 2 dogs, SmokeyBear he is a Schipperkee and Balin he is an Akita they are just clowns and keep me laughing.

I love to read and have more books than you can imagine, most reference.

that is pretty much me...


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Lets see.....I live in a small rural area in Eastern KY.....I've lived on my own for many years.....my husband is deceased I have one child.....he is grown and on his own......I'm so proud of him......I'm an easy going person get along well with others.....I have patience to no end.....I'm a caring and trusting person.....I'm retired and I would rather be working.....I have a small house dog whom I just adore....she makes my day.....

I enjoy reading, camping, walking, NASCAR, crocheting, quilting and I love collecting bear figurines....I enjoy spending time with my family and friends......I enjoy babysitting.....I guess this should do it....I could go on and on.... :ph34r:

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Sheesh. That is only 200 of 2500. Horses and dollhouses live in basement. Barbies are where these horses are as well as 1000 books. I have another room done in fairies and barbies. Birds live in dining room. dvds and hamsters in living room. I am a professional 'pile it' I can fit a lot in a small area and more in a big area. And have room to move. I built a nifty rack for my dollhouses. It has 3 shelves, has wheels, was custom fit to be able to move anywhere in the basement and fit under the ductwork. That way I can store seasonal houses and move them out of the way. I can also work on the middle house easily in case the workbench is occupied. I will soon be making another.

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I am most impressed with the horse collection. Well, here are a few tidbits about me.

My name is Judi, I am 46 years young and live in South Carolina with my DH Michial (pronounced like Michael) and my 17 almost 18 year old son Andrew. We moved here in 2001 from cold and snowy Michigan where I had lived all of my life.

I am a clothing specialist at a farm supply store...sounds strange, but true. I have worked there for 2 years now and really enjoy it. The rural community is so much more laid back, in my opinion. I enjoy chatting with the old farmers of the area. They have such great stories.

My favorite color is purple, but I like many colors. I have three furry kids, two of which are cats and the other one is a bunny rabbit. He lives in a cage in what 'should' be my diningroom.

Besides dollhouses and miniatures, I enjoy crafting, reading, gardening, web surfing and playing online games. I played a MMORGP (massive multiplayer online role playing) for over 6 years and recently stopped playing so I could concentrate on my house building. It was a wonderful trade.

I am an easy going person, but I do have my limits. I get along good with people, I guess that is why I have worked with the public for so long.

I guess that is about it. I am so happy that I found Greenleaf and everyone here. I can talk about my passions, no matter what they are and people are interested. That is so cool. Thanks everyone for being who you are and letting us get to know you.

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Apart from dollshouses and miniatures, which I've been obsessed with for as long as I can remember .......lol probably because my sister was bought a dollshouse as a child. "Ellen wouldn't want one, she's too much of a tom-boy" hmmm naturally i wasn't allowed to play with it!

I have 5 daughters in two batches! Tracey 28, Bex (Rebecca) 25, Stevie (Stephanie) 23, Miranda 5 and Jessamine 4. I'm also blessed with granddaughter Aimee 5 and grandsons Finley 2 and Harley 8 months.

I'd have loved more children, but a failed marriage put paid to that, until I met Kevin, father of the youngest two. I keep telling my big girls that I neeeeeed more grandchildren, but pleas fall on deaf ears. Evidently they are too expensive to indulge in wholesale! huh whoever needed money to bring up kids? <VBG>

My favourite colour is pale blue ...obviously an age thing .it used to be red!

I've always loved all manner of crafts, made most of the children's clothes and toys when they were little. I machine knit, make porcelain dolls, sew, read whenever I can find time ..not fussy what just like to read ............... well when I say not fussy, I'm not into the mushy romantic stories very much ................. the guy she couldn't stand is always the one she swoons over in the end ,,makes it a tad predictable lol

I have a few jobs ...work full time in a local wine shop, do website evaluations for a group of British search engines, run our own little miniatures business, Abigail's Miniatures and am working on a similar website for card making and craft materials. Until very recently I worked three days a week running payroll and personnel for a smallish company as well ...................the stress finally got to much. .................still striving for the 36 hour day and failing dismally.

Kevin is an avid wargamer, so as well as a massive unfinished dollshouse collection we have gazillions of little soldier figures and enough books to stock a library ................imagine how thrilled I was to find we have to move house soon .... lol I keep thinking of things we can live without and none of them have the word "doll" in them :tongue4:

Enough from me I think

Ellen :tongue4:

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ohh, ohh, i want to play too!

I adore reading! Dean Koontz is my favorite author, btw, followed by Niel Gamen, Stardust is my favorite book! I love Jane Austin too. i can not put down a book once i start it! i love fantasy and some sci-fi and mysteries

i like to sew renaissance clothes for me and my family! i dress everyone up as often as possible for any occasion!

we were foster parents for years, we helped the babies born with drug addictions

We have 4 children of our own and have friends who have been trying unsuccessfully for years so i am their surrogate (yes, it is their own embryo, i'm just babysitting, lol) due june 10th

we raise alpacas and llamas www.pukaranch.com

our bunny thinks he is a cat, he is litterbox trained so he runs free through the house with our 2 cats

I love to E-bay

here's a shocker, i love to build dollhouses. I give them all away but i will be keeping my queen ann for myself and my little daughter.

i hate to talk on the phone

i love to garden! tomatos are my specialty, this year i will be growing 13 types of heirlooms - anyone want some seeds? i love sharing...pm me

i love to garden with heirloom vegetables. i am blessed to live in a climate where i can garden year round.

i love to build haunted houses because i think that they are the most fun, you can just do anything!

I love dolls! bjd or fashion type. especially if dressed like fairies! i have a lotr Legolas guarding all my princesses. lol. i'm dying for the new Tonner cinderella "dreams" doll.

i loath housework but hate clutter so i am always getting rid of stuff! thanks flylady! flylady.com

--Nutti, good luck on your surgery, my mom had it a couple of years ago, lost over 200 pounds and is always talking about how happy she is with lots of energy for her 16 grandkids! after this pregnancy i will be getting the surgery as well so i would love for you to keep me posted as to how you are doing! a nurse at my fertility doctor had it about a month ago and was back at work the next week. she says she feels great! are you on a related forum that we can chat about this on? my mom and i are on obesityhelp.com :tongue4:

i guess that's it so thanks, it is really fun to get to know you all, as well. thank you and i really appreciate you all

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