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Still walking and I found something to help with the battle

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I started walking again after a lil hiatus from the health issues and being sad because of Tyson. I had gained the weight I lost and I was not going to have it!

But I found something that is helping me lose weight..Now dont say Eewww!

Silk! I have been using Silk soymilk in my cereal in the morning and Silk creamer in my coffee. Just by making those two lil changes, I have lost 5 lbs so far in 2 weeks.

Does anyone else drink Silk or soymilk? Chelsea hates the taste of soy milk. She has to have the flavored kind (vanilla or chocolate). I gross her out because I can drink a whole glass of the plain stuff. Mmmm!

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I've never tried the Silk although I have a dear friend who swears by it. I like whipping cream in my coffee and tea thank you very much! But do keep on walking Heidi! Walking is the best exercise in the world....but not just strolling along, a good brisk pace. I walk at around 3mph on our treadmill...and also I listen to walking tapes!

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Chelsea drinks Rice and Almond Milk (It is funny that they call any of it milk..isnt it?)

She makes a face when she sees me drink a full glass of the soy milk. LOL It reminds me of something else and i cant put my finger on it what it tastes like.

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