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Artply Barrington

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I dont know why but that name just popped up in my head and I dont even know if its Artply or something else but I thought it was artply. Has anyone heard of it or have a picture of it if it exists?

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Oh yes! I have a miniature catalog from 1991 somewhere with a big color catalog of all the Artply houses. The Barrington was the big Victorian, about the size of the Garfield. They always showed it done in yellow. The layout was a lot like the Garfield and the Pierce - an L shape, I think. I remember I always liked the layout of the first and second floors, but I wasn't crazy about the attic area.

I wish I had a scanner - I would be more than happy to post a picture of it f I could. Maybe someone else has a picture they can post.

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That is a really gorgeous house, I want one! also want a Beaumont and a Granville in the same album. I want the Beaumont the most, even more than the Willow. The Beaumont is a really presidential and elegant looking house. Greenleaf, are you listening!!!???

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The Barrington is - was - by Artply. And Jeff, the pics I'm sending you also have pictures of the insides as well.

I'd kill for the Beaumont - yep, listen up here, Greenleaf!

I would love to see picture of the inside of that house as well

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I want that Beaumont, but where the (*&^%$^&*( would i put it??

I understand that perfectly. In fact, I'm beginning to understand population density per square inch right now - my next dollhouse will have to go on top of this one - maybe I can make a mini mountainside against one livingroom wall and stagger the dollhouses on it. Course, the couch will have to go.....

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The Beaumont is such a huge but beautiful house. A lot of these houses were discontinued simply because they were not good sellers. The public did not buy them. This is why some of our beloved houses enter the dollhouse graveyard :blink:

It's so great to see so many resurrected by greenleaf in the past 5 years.

Resurrected Houses:

The Harrison





Story Book

Vineyard Cottage


And Special editions

White Orchid


Totally New

House Boat

Travel Trailer

I think if we wait around long enough, others will pop up too :banana:

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Well I have voted for the re-release of the Beaumont & the Willowcrest (one reason I put off starting mine is the fond hope that one day I'll be able to get another one & bash them together - yes, Judith, I'm still thinking hard on that one!) when there was a poll for them.

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