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shingles :queen:

My worst nightmare :flowers: lol

Oh don't scare me! I haven't started them yet for Pippi's house. They are going to be a bright green, her house in the movie was pink, yellow and green. Since the orchid is not a huge house I decided the green would be the shingles. I am just thinking ahead. I have to sand down the spackle first. I have stained the floors because she had wooden floors. I am not sure I like it now though. I guess we'll see :sofa:


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Oh my Lord! I thought you guys were talking about the shingles you get after you have chickenpox. That caught my eye because I just had them.

Well, let's see, shingles - I've heard you can dye them by shaking them in a coffee can with stain. On my first little house, I just glued them all to the roof and then used a shoe polish applicator to stain them. That worked pretty well.

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What do you mean, "break them apart"?? I've used two different kinds of shingles...loose in a bag, or asphalt shingles (on my Washington) that come on a strip, and I just laid down one strip, then overlapped with the next...

I didn't do much of anything with my Garfield shingles. I painted the Brimble roof after replacing missing shingles. The strip ones came pre-colored. I painted the roof surface roughly the same color, then laid them down and touched up an edge here and there.

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Arda, when I use stain I stain the whole sheet of shingles before separating them into rows/ strips. The first shingles I painted were those on Poor Pitiful Pearl, which I did after I glued them onto the roof. I also painted them green, but I wanted it to look like stain and it does, so some of the areas where glue leaked out didn't take the green the same. (If I even do that again I'll paint the whole sheet).

Ann, the Greenleaf shingles come on diecut thin sheets of wood that easily break apart into separate shingles.

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