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Jumping in with both feet now. I hope they don't get stuck in my mouth!

I am new at this. I hope I am putting this in the right place.

Heidi, I saw that you were going to have to make lots of books for your library. If you don't have to have them open, here's an easy way to do it.

Go to Wal Mart or one of the craft stores and buy a couple of sheets of craft foam that the kids use. It comes in 8 1/2 by 11 sheets. It is about the right thickness for a mini book. The reason I use this is, it can be easily cut with scissors and works with regular white glue. I use the white sheets.

1. Take a pen or pencil and ruler and divide it into the size books you want. I usually use about 1/2" by 3/4" to make it easy to draw. You can get MANY books from just one or two sheets.

2. Cut the sheet with scissors into strips and then into the individual books.

I use leather or colored cardstock to cover. Leather is easier because it bends without scoring. The cardstock has to be bent to fit around with creases in it.

3. Cut a long strip of cover material that is wide enough to cover the front, spine and back of the books.

4. Glue the book forms close to one edge in a line. These will be the length of the strip and the books will now have front covers.

5. Cut between the "books" all the way across the width of the strip.

6. Bring the leather around to the back of the book and glue.

7. Let the books dry and then trim all of the edges with scissors.

8. You can even put titles on the spines with a fine tipped pen.

I save the book club ads from magazines when they are small enough. You can glue one of the little book fronts on your book and lay it on a chair.

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I forgot to add that lady's leather gloves are a good source for thin leather for the covers.

If you want to do it with colored cardstock you will have to Bend a spine in the center of the strip. Then glue the fronts right next to the fold before cutting between the books.

Also, be sure to measure your shelves! :blink: Some of them measure exactly 3/4". Then you have to go down to 5/8" high for the books. I usually make several different sizes anyway. It makes the scene more realistic and adds interest.

Any books that you see on my flickr site were made with this method.



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Thank you for a great idea! I too have a bookshop of shelves to fill....

One might also use the old spined of check books and pads of paper that are "glued" not the spiral bound pads of paper though and cut to size and "dress" with a leather cover.


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Just some thing I read the ther day, if you want your boks to look readable, after your done with a tear off pad of paper, your left with a strip up top. Cover with book covers, and cut to size. :blink:

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Before I found the fun foam, I used to make all of my books by cutting strips of paper and clamping them together. Then I painted them with glue on one of the long sides and let it dry. Cut those into book sized pieces and then covered them with leather or cardstock. Now I only do that if I am going to want to have the pages showing. I am really lazy :blink: and the fun foam makes lots of books a snap.

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I've used scrap bass and balsa wood for the insides, too -- it can be easily cut with the miter cutter. I have to find some really thin leather for covers, though. I've used paper covers printed out from Jim's Printies which has worked, but a lot of cutting required.

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