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so, my queen anne will be here next week :D:(:ohyeah::ohyeah: my question is how will i go about lighting this big thing. i only use round wire, but i have no clue where or how i will hide the wires at. i am thnking of running it all up into the attic area or something any suggestions would be welcome, also, does anyone know how many lights you can run off of one main strip without tearing things up



put pictures on here for those of you who who dont know what this monster looks liek

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Why now route out grooves in the walls/floors for the wiring and run them that way?

That's how I'm wiring my MHM and my Newport...

As long as the floors/walls are thick enough (ie, 3/8 plywood) it shouldn't be a problem to do it that way. You can have the wires come from the underside of the house and that way they won't be seen.

Oh...and congrats on getting the Queen Ann!

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what about hinging part of the foundation on the back and making the wiring base under the house??? that could work...i could build a wooden base under the foundation to attach the pieces to

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