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It`s a Greenleaf mini Anniversary!!

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Thank you guys! I appreciate your congratulations and happy sayings! It's been one year today that I joined this group and I have not regretted it for one moment. I belong to other groups, but this one is "home" to me and where I spend much of my free time. Friends you are - all of you - more family sometimes! I hold each and every one of you very dear to my heart! When I'm down and sad or overworked and frantic - I come here. When I'm depressed, I come here. When something goes wrong, I come here. You are both my loves and my therapy! LOL

Thank you all so much!

Gina aka Wolfie

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AWH guys, you make your Wolfie cry! So nice! Thank you all! It seems like I've been here for a long, long time - but I have only been here just a couple of days over a year. See how fast times flies when you are having fun?! And believe me some days I come here to play as life sort of gets in the way.....

Thank you for all the wonderful congrats and greetings! Makes a tear come to my eye!

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