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I got an exciting and awesome package in the mail!!!

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Recently Smallhouset (Terri) made some wicker for my Foxhall conservatory. It turned out so beautifully. Wish you could really see it because pictures do not do it justice...well....I asked her to make some more wicker for my Foxhall! It arrived today! It was such a pleasure to open the box and pull out each item and look at the detailing. Truly beautiful work!

I got 3 chairs, an ottoman, a table (for having tea) and two plant stands for my morning room in the Foxhall. It's just beautiful! She did a table cloth and pillows as well. This room will be so pretty, feminine and warm! Then separately i purchased a wicker swing (she sent the arbor with it...it's so pretty!!!!, a bed tray with goodies on it, a wash stand with pitcher and bowl on it and a dining table with four chairs. Hope i didn't leave anything out :) It's all so wonderful I don't want to miss gushing over every piece of it!!!! There was so much to see, touch and play with! Sadly i had to pack it all away so the furry rascals don't carry it away.

She also repainted and re-upolstered a set of wicker (see my blog for how it looked prior to the makeover), it turned out beautifully.

She even sent me some goodies for my witch/wizard shop!

It was so much fun to open that box! It's like Christmas! I will take photos this weekend and post them. She does make some gorgeous wicker furniture!!!!! And plants!!!!!

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I posted pictures in my blog :giggle: I want to retake the pictures but this time put the furniture in my Glencroft :lol:

Terri did a beautiful job on all of it i wish you could see it better in person. I'm not a good photographer and i can't show how beautiful her work truly is! It looks even better in person!

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