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Disgruntled eBay users, check out CNN

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I have sold on ebay and thought it was great but I have been on strike for about two months, now, as soon as I heard about the strike. I may never go back. I will be looking for somewhere else to sell or set up a web page. It's their loss because the people who are so upset and start selling elsewhere will also stop buying from ebay. You can't have your cake and eat it too, as the old saying goes, they can't expect to treat sellers like this and keep them buying from ebay. I know a lot of small sellers (including me) who sell and shop on ebay. I have only bought 1 item in 2 months, I used to go on everyday and sometimes more, now I maybe look 1 time a week if that and thats mostly to see if the strike is working. Grrrr......I really loved ebay. Now it just gets me mad.*pout*


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