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Hi, I am Holly. I was just Holly on the old forum. I decided to use my screen name here.

I built one dollhouse about ten years ago. I had a lot of fun with that one. Last year I attempted to restore a Garfield that I had found at a thrift store. That didn't go well. Right now, I am building the Laurel and Primrose. ThePrimerose is built and the interior walls are done. The laurel has all the walls up but I am still working getting all the walls done. I have an Aster sitting in the box. I found a book at the local new/ used store that has instructions for making furniture

I have four girls. My oldest, Mabyn, will be 14 tomorrow and my youngest, Ella, is two. ALysia is 10 and Sheridan is three. Mabyn says that she would like to built a castle dollhouse. We only have room for one house at a time. I also have a stepson and he is here for the summer. Joe is 12. Michael and I have been together for eleven years. I live in Idaho.

We have four fur babies. Spock, Rudi, Luna and Fatboy. Spock and Rudi are both pound puppies. We adopted Spock five years ago. He is eleven now. He is a Border Collie blue heeler mix. Rudi is a recent addition. He is a six month old Australian Sheppard Blue heeler mix. Luna we have had since she was born. She is the daughter of my beloved Snowball. Fatboy is Luna's son.

Well I think I have babbled long enough.

Happy Building. :lol:

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