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Want to finish what I started

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Hi, I'd like to introduce myself here.

We are redecorating a room previously used as a storage room, and there I discovered the Glencroft dollhouse I bought more than 10 years ago and never finished. I mentioned this to a friend in New York (I live in The Netherlands) and she sent me this beautiful book: Colleen Moore's dollhouse. I was enchanted right away. If you never heard of it: check it out here.

Colleen Moore's dollhouse

I browsed through this book, and it made me want to start building again right away. I have to locate the instructions first though.

I never build a house before. I love making small things though. I used to do origami with cigarette paper. And I made some replicas from furniture we had at home, including an antique desk with a swivvel chair.

I found this site when I was looking for a picture of the Glencroft to show my friend. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better.

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Welcome to the forum family, Miriam. I finally got to see Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle when we were in Chicago 2+ years ago. Unfortunately when we went the room was overflowing with loud people and half the speakers that describe the rooms weren't working, so I think I would have enjoyed the book better. There is too much to take it all in in a single visit. We also went another day to see the Thorne rooms at the Chicago Art Institute, and they are wonderful!

I love the Glencroft! Mine wanted to be a pub. Has yours told you what it wants to be?

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Greenleaf is still making/selling the Glencroft (I really like that house; LOVE the staircase!!) If you contact them, maybe they'll send you a new set of instructions for a nominal fee...I paid around $8 (US) for instructions for the Washington..

Here's a link to their contact information:


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Welcome to the neighborhood!!! The Glencroft was such a favorite for me that I started building another one and I am almost finished with this second one. You can see the Glencroft blog by clicking here:


I can't wait to see your Glencroft! I went to visit Coleen Moore's Castle in May 2007 and I am going back to the Museum soon with some friends. I want the book and think I'll get one this next time.


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