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Hi there! I was wondering if you could tell me how much space they give you at Webshots? I see a lot of people use that service and I'm still not sure how it works. Certainly, everyone is more then welcome to move their photos here or keep them at both places for a while if they are unsure. Some of that features I’d like to point out about our gallery are:

Favorite Button – Click this while looking at a photo will add it to you favorites which you find under My Controls\ Invision Gallery\ Your Favorites.

Voting – You will notice just above the picture to the right there are a series of radio buttons labeled one to five. Select one of these buttons and hit the rate it button. It anonymous so it’s a great way to get honest feed back from your peers. This feature might also be used for contest down the road.

Comments – Other members of the community are able to comment on your pictures. There is nothing better than a pat on the back to brighten your day or maybe you want to comment your photo explaining how and why you may have strayed from the original project.

E-cards – Send a picture to a friend of your own house or someone else’s that strikes your fancy. The recipient doesn’t have to be a member of our community to enjoy it.

Multiple Albums – You can add and delete your albums under my controls. You can have more then one album, so if you wanted one for your Willowcrest and another for a different house there’s no problem.

Edit Your Albums – You can change the name or even hide the whole album from the rest of the community which might come in handy if you are working on a secret project that you don’t want to unveil until it’s complete.

Gallery link from your Main Profile – People can go right to your albums by clicking the gallery link while viewing your main profile which is available either by clicking your name in the green background in the post area or by browsing the member area. I hope to soon have this feature incorporated into the profile card which is the summery that pops up when you click the profile button in a post.

Link independent of the forum – you can access your photos directly by using the URL. Here is an example. This feature can easily be abused, but we decided to make it available to everyone and hope that nothing happens to make us alter this decision.

This isn’t a sales pitch… it took a while for us to discover some of these features so I thought this might be a good opportunity to run down the list.



FYI. Now that you have more than five post, you can change the name that appears above the member icon (the default is just member). This can be done by going to My Controls\ Edit Profile info\ Custom member title. Be sure to click Amend my profile at the bottom of the page.

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Hope I can explainthis correctly...... ok...... I downloaded pics into the gallery, how do I get them to show up under the Greenleaf topic area instead of where it says members gallery,a listing of all our members albums. It seems a bit confusing why there is both. Maybe I overlooked there is an option as to where to put them.

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Hi Poodle! There a few ways to show pictures in the gallery. If you choose to start an album and post your pictures to it, the album will be placed in the member’s gallery. Using an album puts your pictures conveniently in one area. If you want to post a picture in one of the other categories, just go into that category and use the new image button. You don’t have to choose one of the other… you can do both. You can put a picture of you Willowcrest in the Greenleaf area and then add a comment to it that links back to your album were everything is organized in one place. Here is an example of what I mean.

I hope that was of some help!


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