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Hello- My name is michelle and I have just recieved my 1st dollhouse in the mail. I chose the Laurel and also bought the Primrose as an add on. It is going to be a birthday present for my daughter for her 3rd, which is in april. Sure hope I don't hit any snags. :blink:

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Welcome, Michelle! You've come to the right place! There's lots of information and inspiration here and if you have any questions . . . someone here has the answer!

Wow, that's going to be quite a house! Read the instructions thoroughly and take your time. Inevitably you'll hit some kind of snag . . . but, hey . . . we're here to help!! :blink:

Be sure to take lots of pictures as you progress and to share with us. We love pictures!

Good luck!! :p

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the Laurel and primrose are great first time houses!

you will enjoy the process and your daughter will enjoy the gift!

dont forget to take photos. for one day you will look back at it and say wow that was my first house.

and as your daughter will be 3 she will have the photos that you indeed built this house for her!

plzzzzz feel free to ask all questions. lots of good info around here with many talented peoples!

Welcome to the forum and Happy Building!!

nutti :blink:

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Welcome Michelle. I just finished a Laurel and it went together fairly easy. I hit a couple of snags but nothing that was too bad. What's important is that you and your daughter have fun doing this project together. Check out my pictures in the gallery (my avatar is the finished Laurel). If I can do it, anyone can!

This forum is a wonderful source of knowledge, lots of people are so great about sharing their knowledge.

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