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oh boy, I am not used to forums!!

I am new here to the forum...my name is Bobbi and I have been into miniatures about 3 1/2 to 4 yrs. I have only built a Shady Brook cabin but have several dollhouses in the box. I have participated in swaps and such. Here is a link to my picture album:


I know Tracy from another group...she invited me here. I look forward to getting to know you all.

~Bobbi :)

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Bobbi -

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love pictures!! I especially liked the photos of Esther and Mabel. Mabel looks very much like my Missy Mew (she's 7). I'll have to post pictures of my cats yet in my webshots photos.

Welcome, look forward to chatting and sharing ideas.


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Welcome, Bobbi! All your work is wonderful and the dishes are especially stunning. The colors are so vivid! What do you use to paint the dishes with?

Deb, get a load of those dishes! I guess we know where to go for Hyacinth's Royal Doulton periwinkle china!! :p

Hey, Bobbi, you're member number 500! You should get a prize for that!! :lol:

Don't mind me . . . I'm into numbers at the moment and by the way . . . I'm only 19 away from my goal people!! :blink:

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Thank you for all the welcomes!! Ok since I was member #500, where is my prize?? LOL

The dishes I paint are painted with regulary acrylic paints...the gold or silver edging is different kind but the name of it escapes me right now. Then I give them lots of gloss.

I have to look in my attic to see what I have waiting for me as far as dollhouses go. I have no room right now to even work on one.

I hope you all had great holidays!

~Bobbi ;)

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