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Really nervous

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Tomorrow is the office Christmas party. I drew the name of my miniature buddy, Crystal, for the Secret Santa exchange. She is doing an Edwardian/Eastlake style house in pastels, so I wanted things to go along with that theme. She has decorated a nursery with some Peter Rabbit wallpaper that I gave her from my stash, She wanted a blue nursery because she has a little boy and loves decorating for boys.

I bought the Anne of Green Gables books for her at Philadelphia Miniaturia. It used all of my $10 gift limit, but didn't look like much. So I found some crochet thread left over from another project and a knitting pattern that I had not had a chance to use. Since I used things on hand. I stayed within the spending limit (a big deal with this crowd).

The gift exchange is tomorrow. Wish me luck! It's always nerve wracking when you give something you made. It's like waiting to see if they love or are disappointed in a little piece of yourself.



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I think it's just wonderful. No one other than my hubby ever gives me anything in miniatures, so I think it would be such a treat to get a present like that. Don't worry a bit- your present will probably be her favorite of the whole season!

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She's going to be thrilled with them - you did a beautiful job on the baby outfit, and the books look wonderful, too. She's very lucky to have a mini friend like you - and how fortunate that you drew her name! I wonder who drew yours?

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