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Baby decorated her house.

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I was putting up our real Xmas tree when baby commandeered all the little decorations and put them into her house. Ended up with the real tree abandoned while she (I was press ganged into helping) decorated her house.

Amazingly she knew exactly what she wanted and it had to be that way!

We even had to hang a chain made from the extra beads from her Xmas tree.

Very cool (The dolls are all still in the garage. I’m not allowed to move them.)


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Looks very fitting for the season Glen, tell Baby she did a grand job!!!!

(But I do think the ought to let the dolls out of the garage for some food atleast... LOL Then again I have always had a lot of fun tinkering about in the garage so perhaps they are all very happy there... :ohyeah: )


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Awww, she did a wonderful job! Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!

Seriously, if there was ever a child who should be a mindless, pampered follower because of her doting parent it's Kavita and yet she's the most stubborn, single minded little thing around. And she teases us relentlessly. :ohyeah: If she so much as thinks she can do something we're not allowed near her. :evil:

It's so cool! ;)

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Glen, you must be so enjoying watching Kavita decorate the house you've built for her.

She's done an excellent job. Ask her if the dolls will be having a Christmas party? Maybe she wants to decorate up the garage for a dance floor.


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now that says "Happy"

lots of colors! I like it!

well done Kavita!

its so hard when they have minds of their own!

at this age they are very ...hmmm...persistant in getting their way.


you are building wonderful memories with baby!


nutti :thumb:

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