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Chelsea wants to try to lose more weight. She suffers from PSOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and her change in diet and medication has only helped her lose about 10 lbs. She wants to lose more and asked me to get exercise dvds for now...we dont have the money or space for equipment. She doesnt want us to spend the money on a gym either...she is a good dooby.. :huh:

I am thinking Pilates or Yoga would be good for her. Do you use any that you like? Getting some feedback on who makes a good dvd would help me on my search.

If I get yoga...I know I will have to buy her a mat..anything else?

Thank you ahead of time for any help you can offer.


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I personally like Richard Simmon's for gentle exercise, Jane Fondle's videos are great for more strenuous, and I have some others, mostly walking type videos you can do on a mini trampoline (which is collecting dustin the basement. I also have a health rider down there. We have a huge gym size treadmill in the loft between my "photo studio" and my "doll dressing studio" which set us back about $4,000.00. It's a Smooth Treadmill and is fantastic with many programs. We bought it several years ago when the doc told Doug to get some exercise or die. He used it three times. And the wrong way. His idea was jump on it turn it on high and run for 3 minutes, turn it off and limp off to bed. He no longer uses it. I walk on it using the programs that are built into it. I walk to walking tapes I use with my walkman. I have many of those programs and they work the best for me. The other videos are collecting dust downstairs under the TV we never watch. The TV works, we just don't have local channels, so it is used for VHS tapes only. I have many many wonderful VHS tapes of making miniatures and dolls. I walk twice a day - in the early AM and at night before bed.


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Good morning Heidi :p I am a avid dvd work out person. I have a few good types for you... I started out with Tae bo. But its pretty fast paced. but ALOT of fun. I have over 27 of billy blanks tae bo dvds to my collection. Also my new favorite work outs are by Leslie Sansone. http://www.lesliesansone.com/ She has GREAT work outs. And i think the reason why i like them so much is because they are broken down into miles. So a 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, etc. dvd i feel like i was more productive in saying i just did "3 miles" she has 4 core moves that are very easy to learn. Its not crazy like most of the aerboics that are out. Shes very uplifting and motivating. I now have about 15 of her work outs and do them 6 days a week. Between, tae bo, leslie sansone, and weight watchers i have now lost 30 pounds in 6 months. Being 22 years old I found it hard at first to find dvds that felt "right" for me, since most of my friends went to the gym. If you have any questions about tapes please feel free to ask me on here or pm me, id be happy to help. Also a good site to preview work outs so she could see them before you buy them is http://collagevideo.com/ I LOVE this site. it has alot of the tae bo dvds, and leslies work outs that you can watch 30 second clips of. Also lots of yoga and pilates on this site too!

hope this helps :)

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also: if you do go with yoga.. target has some really nice yoga matts for 19.99. thats where i got mine. And walmart has the 2 pack foam bricks that yoga dvds use for 9.99. and you can get the yoga stech belt for about 3 bucks at both stores i think :p those are the good starter tools for yoga!

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