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Lets say Thanks

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Nutti, I think this is such a great idea but as a "foreigner" from wayyy over here I am not sure if it would be OK for me to send them??? I am gratefull for all people who put their own lives at risk for the rest of us and would like to send thanks to all who put themselves out there for the rest of us....

Hugs and thanks for sharing the site, loved the designs as well!

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hmmm good point Anna

I did post this not thinking that we have troops from all parts of the world away from loved ones!

well I guess the thing to do is find something like this for your(whoever) country and


Our Boys and Girls in service need all of our support while working for Peace.

I dont care how my neighbors think and respect their right to think it...all I ask is the same.

if all the world's peoples respected the right to have differences than we could have Peace on Earth....we are not stone agers looking for land and food. most of the humans on this earth have intelligence and can think....why not put all this power into curing disease or feeding those countries that cant feed their own people and Educate the world!

so please all I did not mean to offend!

just remind us all to

Support Our Troops!


mother of

Sgt Jevin Anderson

aunt of

Private First Class

Richard Fowler

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Ohhh Nutti, what I were thinking was if it would be inappropriate of me to send a card as I think the world of the ones who does this for the rest of us!


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Bumping this up so everyone sees it.

Frankly, I'm a bit suspicious of the site -- there have been some internet scams that ask similar things (write letters, send postcards, etc.) that aren't legitimate..

but I absolutely support the sentiment to support our men and women who are serving in the military, wherever they are. I hope this is a legitimate site! I'll see if I can check it out.

Thanks for posting it.

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