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Hello everyone! My name is Linda, and most of you know me from the old forum. I began building dollhouses in 2002 when hubby bought me an RGT Victorian Townhouse as a Christmas gift after discovering that I had always wanted a dollhouse. I was so thrilled with that one that when he discovered a co-worker had one in his attic that he'd had for 20 years and never built, he pestered the guy until he sold it to him. Turned out to be Greenleaf's Tennyson, and so began my love of Greenleaf houses. My husband builds, and I paint, wallpaper and decorate. I have begun doing small amounts of building, and the Greenleaf Village that I am working on has been built mostly by me. My favorite is to find an old house that no one has ever built and put it together!

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Hello, I am Tracy and have been LOVING Miniatures since childhood. My first dollhouse was a wolverine tin house. I LOVED that house so much and me and my younger brother played with it all of the time (With my little fisher price people).

I stop playing when I turned 17 and was reintroduced to minis as an adult when my uncle and his wife decided to adopt a little girl. I made her a 4 room dollhouse from a kit that was at Franks nursery store. I made it as a "Welcome into our Family" gift. The week she was due to come, She turned out to be a BOY. Semaj (that's James backwards LOL) did not care too much for the dolly stuff so my aunt kept is for herself. Semaj received New "action figures " instead :lol: .

I did not realize it then but That was the start of my adventures into minis as an adult. When I showed people pictures of the house, I started getting orders from co workers and then on HSN (Home Shopping Network) I saw the Greenleaf kits for the first time. I bought a Arthur & Tiffany kit right away. I was Hooked LOL.

I am excited to share in this wonderful world of minis with all of you!! :D

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