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I guess I'm the Second

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Well, hello!

Isn't this a fancy new site?! I'm AJ and I'm from --- you guessed it, Chicago. I finished my first house, the Primrose, and my second is in progress, The Laurel. (Miniatures take a back seat to gardening with the great weather we've been having). I learned TONS from this forum (thanks) in the process.

I live in Chicago with my SO, a Golden Retriever named Gracie, and two cats: Idgie and Ruthie.


PS Got one more family member to add: Georgie, our new kitty. He's 3 and there are pics on my webshots (I think...best check I suppose).

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Am I the 3rd then?? I've been building 1" scale dollhouses for about 14 years. Have renovated The Pierce, built 2 Newbergs, 1 Marquam Hill Mansion, 2 Ashley's, a number of roomboxes and am working on the Bellingham Farmhouse. I enjoy building what I can ... buying what I can't build. Most recently I've been experimenting with L.E.D. lighting for miniatures.



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A RE-Introduction...

Wowee this forum has really improved! It's awesome. Well, my Laurel has been sitting upstairs on my craft table since May. I guess I'll get back to it sometime...been really busy with other stuff, but eagerly await the installation of the hardwood flooring, the new extra window I got for the second floor (yay), and all the other cute things.

Glad to see how we've grown!


P.S. All the kitties and our Gracie-girl are doing well.

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!!! WELCOME!!!

new members and come backers.

we have grown alot and its nice to see new faces and familure ones also.

when I have more time I will go look through them for some eyecandy :lol:

I so glad you found us!

Welcome to the forum!

nutti :D

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Welcome, AJ! I too am a gardener! You can view my garden pictures at the link below. Haven't added this year's yet, been busy with miniatures!! :lol:

Welcome, Marcia! I can't wait to look through all your house pictures! Looks very impressive! :D

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Marcia, your houses are truly magnificent! I was in awe as I looked through your albums.

I read through the Marquam Hill Mansion you did for your granddaughter. I was tearing up as I went through reading your comments!! :( You really are a special grandmom!! I hope Emma treasures her "house" for many years to come!!

P.S. I know I'm a little older . . . but would you like to adopt me? :lol: :D

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