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Am I the first??

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Just fired up my computer this morning to find this new board! :) I'm way excited, just as I am way excited about my Garfield dollhouse project,

the first dollhouse I've ever built. In fact, the first thing like this I've ever attempted... ^_^

I started in February, have all the walls in place, the wallpaper, crown molding and woodwork on the first two floors, and all the pieces for the roof prepared to start construction.

I use a wheelchair, so maneuvering has been challenging. I'm re-arranging some furniture right now so that I can get the dollhouse set on a lower table, so I can continue contruction.

It's been great to meet the other folks on the "old" forum who are experts at this. I've learned so much just by reading all your comments. I hope everyone migrates over here safely!

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Welcome to all you newbies! Must be fall in the air! :D

AJ love your kitties and your houses are coming along great! Good work!

Can't wait to see more pictures from everyone! :(

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Welcome Uppitycats

I too have the Garfield I found mine at a fleemarket thought I had a great buy until after two years of storage I finaly opened it found I only had two walls, no base, one upper floor :D So I fabracated alot, she is up I was two in. off. Not bad I have sided and painted need to get the pictures revised . It Will be a good thing to have a low table because she is tall . Good luck and will be wanting to see pictures

Donna :p

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