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My Philadelphia Miniaturia Goodies!


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Yesterday my miniature club took a van pool to Philadelphia Miniaturia! It was a longggggggggg day, I left home just before 6 am and got home after 10:30 pm, but LOOK AT THE GOODIES I BOUGHT!

The prairie dogs and pigs are for my sod house. The piggies were the deal of the show, Bill Lankford was selling them for only $1. Can't tell you the name of the prairie dog seller. I was tired and it was the last thing I bought as I left.

The World of Miniature Bears flamingo is destined to be a bed pillow in my travel trailer. The piggy bank is an English import that I bought just because I like it. I have no plans for it, but it was too cute to leave there.

The Teresa Layman gingerbread rug is going in my white orchid Santa house.

The printie pet carrier was my grab bag gift. I don't know what I will do with it yet, but you know me and pets--it will have a good home.

The last picture are things for my bungalow. Last weekend I bought a scorched ironing board from Wright Guide at the Frederick show, but dumb me forgot the iron. No problem--bought one this week. The Weevings table runners were my big splurge. The vase and large light are from Kummerows, and the bare bulb from Lighting Bug.






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