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!!Welcome to the forum!!

the Willowcrest was the 2nd house I built.

as with any projects the time it takes is up to you.

I built mine with furniture and all in 3 months....but also note that this was a gift for 3 young girls and I wanted them to be able to play with it and not worry about

things getting broken. Should I build a Willowcrest for myself Im sure I would take a bit longer now that I know more. but again it is all in what you put into it.

plzz do tell if you get the house and start it.

after all the houses I have built I love this one the most.

nutti :lol:

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Welcome to the forum.

Is the Willowcrest going to be your house? Then take as long as you want & need to to finish it "right".

This is a kit I really hope Greenleaf will reissue, it has nice lines & I want to build this kit, too.

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Welcome to the forum Dollymixtures!! :blink:

I just recently purchased a Willowcrest from our Tracy and am so excited to start building it in the New Year!. I'm going to take my time with it, not only because it's a HUGE undertaking, but I want to enjoy the process and make sure I get everything just right. It will be my first really big build (I'm just finishing up the Haunted House and renovated a Beacon Hill).

The houses aren't hard to build if you read the instructions through thoroughly and follow them step-by-step. I must admit though, I'm a little bit intimidated by the mansard roof on this house . . . that will be interesting! :blink: As far as the time it will take, I guess that depends on how much time you have to devote to it! I thought it would take no time at all to renovate my Beacon Hill, but it's been six months and I'm still working on it . . . I've come to realize it's a process and not a marathon!! <_<

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your new hobby. I have completed two dollhouses and am halfway through another. Two houses took literally years to build, but that was mostly due to sapce and time contraints. There were long periods where I had to put projects on hold for months or years.

The house I recently built for my niece took seven weeks. I work long hours and could only devote 1 or two hours per evening, but I got 'er done! This included added details such as gluing on individual shingles, adding siding, and making a wood floor from coffee stirrers--the project that took the longest--almost two weeks of the total build time! It goes faster if you do not add such details, paint instead of wallpapering each room, stain the floor as is instead of adding another floor covering, and so on. You will need to make the call as to how much detail you want versus how soon you wish to finish it. For me the process of building is very enjoyable, and completing the project is not as important as getting the details just right. But every builder is different--I am just explaining why it takes me years to build most of my houses!

As for difficulty, if you do other hobbies or crafts then you probably already have many of the skills you will need to build the house. Nothing is impossible to do if you have the patience.


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Hi and welcome to the forum!

The Willowcrest is a really cool house, and it's at the top of my wish list. It has such a nice roof line to it - makes it stand out from the others.

Like everyone else said, take your time and enjoy! The true fun is in the process. Of course the AAAHHHHHHH moment when it becomes A HOUSE! is pretty cool, too!


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Thank you everyone for welcoming me here.

Hopefully I'll buy a doll house and get started on making sometime in the new year.

I really do not have very much spare time, but I really do like the look of the Willowcrest. It is like a windmill without the sails.

Of course if I do get my hands on a Willowcrest, I'll post messages on here about it.

Thanks everyone! :blink:

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Dollymixtures, where are you from?  I don't recognize the flag!  :blink:


Hi, I am so sorry for not posting for a while. I don't get much freetime.

I am South African.

That flag has only been around for just over a decade or so. The old flag looked a lot different, and maybe you'd recognise the old flag.



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