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Michelle, I'm so glad to hear you and baby are where care is close at hand. He sounds like a little fighter, and we all know that you aren't one to give up without a fight.

I look forward to hearing from you. :(

EDIT: I've heard from Michelle and have an address for her. She has given permission for me to share it. PM me for the information, please.

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I will PM KathieB with the name of my hosp. Thanks for the support everyone!!!!

I have the name & address of the hospital, but Michelle neglected to give me her last name. I've sent her a PM asking for it, but she may not get it for a few days. If anyone knows her last name, could you please PM me with it? I'm sure she'd love to hear from us.


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Michelle, you and the baby are in my thoughts and prayers. After all you've been through this year, not only with the baby but the flooding etc, non-stress tests sounds like a very good idea--if they are working.

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Okay .. I have Michelle's name and mailing address. If you'd like to send her a card, PM me for the info. She's going to be in the hospital for a good long time ... the longer the better for the sprout! :)

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hi, all,

am writing to send regards to everyone from Michelle lumberjacksgurl :cheer:

i spoke with her last night, and she sounds very good. she and baby Ben are holding steady.

they are hospitalized away from home at a distance of about 12 hours drive time, and DH :drool:

was there visiting with them. for the duration, he and Alex are batchin' it back home, and Izzy is with grandparents.

she says she has what she needs in her room, including music equipment and TV, and she declined my offer to send a metal file so she could cut through the bars .... so i gather she is situated for now.

there is no wireless access available, but Mich says the hospital has promised to set up an account for her so that she will have internet access soon. in the meanwhile, she is communicating via telepathy.

i think she knows that we miss her, and she's about 1/4 of the way through reading the encyclopaedia brittanica, and doing well. :kiss1:

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Hello ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to sneak on a wireless connection although it is intermittent and very weak!!. So Kathie B has the correct hospital now :yikes: I also have a direct line which I will send to her, but can be reached through the swichbaord as well. They cut off incomming calls at 9 PM local time.

I have had surgery twice this week, nothing too major though. My portacath got infected so I am on super strong antibiotics for that. I have a US every other day and non stress tests on the days there is no US. SO far the little man is holding in well. On Tuesday I will have a big US to see how much he has grown in the past two weeks. That one will tell lots on possible prognosis. I am here for the long haul...bed rest 23 hours a day.

THe food sucks huge!!!....But I am on a diabetic diet so have my limits! I am told today is mac and cheese for lunch so that might be good, but chicken salad sands are putrid LOL..yes the dietary dept has been visiting me to work it all out LOL there are no "choices" here :o

Thank you for all the well wishes!! I will check in as connections allow!


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Heidi...that is so sweet :wave: I will look forward to having a surprise !

I got to see my little Izzy today :cheer::):w00t::) She just glommed on me and kept saying miss mommy, miss mommy awww I was with little tears in my eyes. We had a good visit along with my step mom.

Hopefully know that they have conquered the car seat technology I will see her a couple times a week. I know Danny is missing the heck out of her also, it is tough not having the kids around.

I do not get to pat my Westville either!!! I do not think it has arrived yet, DH has not said anything, but I will miss it's arrival.

I came to the realization that it could be six months before I sleep in my own bed again :welcome: I know...I have to tell myself to "suck it up princess' ;)

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