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San Diego Wild Fires

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Hi everyone! just wanted to pop in really quick. I dont know if anyone has been seeing this one the news but we have some serious problems in San Diego right now. We have about 8 major fires burning all over San Diego county. Here is one the the aricles below:


There has now been over 300,000 people evacuated and the fire is 0% contained. This is day 2 that I cannot go to work because of all the roads being closed. And about 75% of the people i know/family are evacauted right now. Our place looks ok at the moment. But I am going to mostlikely help my mom evacuate in a few hours. Please keep all of us out here in San diego in your thoughts and prayers! I will keep you posted when I can.



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Best of luck to you and yours. I certainly know what you are going through. Put all valuables in cases and stash in the car...computer things as well....all pets. All passports, credit cards, bank statements, things of value that you can get in there. Rent a small Uhaul if you can and then leave. Your lives are far more important. Try to find a hotel or motel in some other place. We had to stay in a Red Cross Center when we were evacuated and people could not find lodging. So my advise is to leave asap. If you have a laptop take that. That was the first thing Doug bought when we finally got back home. It has 3 external hard drives and everything on our main computer is now on those backups. It holds 4g of thing and each external hard drive is also 4 gigs. Invaluable! We will not be caught with out pants down like last time. If you need any fire type information I have all the paperwork on what to take when you are evacuated and where to go and what to do. Try to get a reservation in Los Angeles, but leave! I've seen all the news on this, and yur fires are far worse than ours was. Ours only came to within a mile from us and our town, but too close for comfort. If the wind had not changed, we would not have had a home to come home to either.

Good luck!

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Jenny Stay Safe.

I have a daughter living in Oceanside and they have boxes packed and ready to leave at any moment. She too could not go in to work today! Her husband is a Marine and he is on call at the moment also. My daughter is only 1 major off ramp from the mandatory evacuation area and about 3 blocks away in another direction from the voluntary evacuation.

My daughter does not have a home phone so will not get the reverse 911 call (they have cell phones) so they are glued to the tv watching for the evacuation order....

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Please get your necessities, [and mini houses], and get out to a safe place. I've been watching the news on those fires all day, as we have friends in that area.

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family, and all the families in that area. I just pray everyone uses common sense, and gets out safely.

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This is the list the firefighters gave us after we were evacuated. It would have been nice if they had given us this when they told us we had 30 minutes to leave......sigh.....

Important papers ly available)


Prescription glasses/dentures

Personal toilet articles/sanitary needs

Sleeping bags or blankets (very very important!)

Baby food/diapers

Checkbook/credit cards/cash

Driver's licenses

Birth certificates

Social Security cards

Flashlight/extra batteries

Portable radio/extra batteries

Change of clothing for each person

Food - nonperishable, ready to eat

Water - One gallon for each person

Reading mater

Recreational Items: Games, cards, knitting, sewing, etc.

Before leaving:

Disconnect all electrical equipment and applicances except the refrigerator and freezer.

Set furnace thermostats to lowest setting

Turn off all cooling equipment

turn off lights

Lock doors and windows

Important: Tie a white cloth to the front door as you leave. Rescurers now know you hqave evacuated

Additional actions if time permits:

Secure outfoor possessions (lawn furniture, garbage cans, etc.

Remove garbage from inside of the house

Secure or hide valuables (consider removal of valuables before an emergency)

Turn off gas before leaving home


Animals cannot be taken to evacuation shelters. Other arrangements must be made. Our poor dog and cats spent 3 days in the car....not a good thing. Then they went to a ranch where they were fine.

What to do now to be better prepared:

Discuss with family members what to do and who to contact in case of separation. YOU MAY NOT BE TOGETHER AT THIS TIME.

Keep vehicle ready with at least a half tank of gas.

Keep 72 hour survival kit available for instant evacuation.

Pay close attention to local radio and TV news broadcasts.

Keep areas around structures clear of furniwshings when not in use.

Develop a written and photographed inventory of each room.

Place important papers and photographs in safe deposit boxes.

Plan now for where you want to seek shelter if evacuation is necessary.

Determine where pets and other animals could be relocated.

How will the warning for evacuation take place?

Warning may take place by several method depding on time availablity:

Door to door (which happened to us at 1:00AM)

Law enforcement or fire vehicles sounding sirens and giving information over public address loud speakers.

Radio and TV by a chief governmental official, emergency management director or public information officer.

What transportaition is available for evacuation?

Residents are expected to evacuate using personal vehicles and may wish to carpool if arranged prevous to the incident. Persons without transportation or with special needs should make other arrangement now.

What routes do I take to evacuate?

Exact evacuation routes cannot be established without knowing the location and behavior of the fire and conditions such as wind direction and speed. The safest evacuation route will be identified by the appropriate agencies and will be made public through varioud methods including radio, public address systems and by traffic control devises placed to direct traffic.

Where do I go?

All evacuees are requested to go to a registration reception area that will be identified at the time of the evacuation. This process is necessary so that displaced persons can be found by family members and friends.

Will my property be secure during the evacuation?

Law enforcement personnel will provide security in areas that have been evacuated. However, there is always a possibility that law enforcement personnel may have to vacate portions of the evacuated area for safety reasons. Make sure valuables are secure and all doors and windows locked.

This was what the firefighters gave us. We had massive amounts of military people here, National Guard especially. We had to produce identification to come into our area for weeks. There were roadblocks set up at each end of our town and on most of the streets. They marked down who was coming into the area and when they left. They were here for weeks as well as forestry people and massive amounts of firefighters.

I wish you all the best. We were lucky in our little town here. Only one home and several outbuildings and a couple of businesses were destroyed. However, it has devestated our city business wise. We are a tourist town and the town lost their income for three solid months. Some businesses have closed down permanently.


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Hello Everyone :congrats: Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. This has been a very tiring and stressful week and its not over yet. There is now over 1/2 a million san diego residents that have been evacuated. Yesterday I helped evacuate 5 houses of family and friends including my moms. The Harris fire is the one that is effecting the area I grew up in and is where most of my family and friends live. Its only 10% contained at the moment. Where I live we are ok for now. I am at work today. And im actually enjoying this little bit of normality. The air quality is very poor around here and everyone is wearing painters masks. The good news is that so far the San Diego Wild animal park is ok, and all the wild animals are safe. All the horses and large livestock have been moved to evacuation sites closer to the beach. I spent yesterday bringing boxes of cand goods and supplies to some of the evacuation sites. I'll keep you updated on any new progress. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone that is being effected by these fires.

this is a very helpful and great link to see where the fires are located and what areas are being evacuated... http://www.signonsandiego.com/firemap/

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Forgot to tell you too that in case of fire, you should close all interior doors, take all flammable curtains down from the windows and move furniture to the center of the room. I didn't know that fire can heat up your windows causing the curtains to flash fire unless they are not flamable, and also from there the furniture can burn as well. They told us to do that AFTER we were evacuated. When we were allowed back to remove some valuables we did that. We also were told to take our BBQ off to another area of the yard because heated up propane tanks can burst and cause major fires and damage to dwellings and yard. Also any gas cans for lawnmowers, etc., should be put way out away from the house as well.

Good luck to you and yours....... We learned a lot from our evacuation..... Remember to take sleeping bags and a foam type mattress with you....sleeping for many nights on those army cots at the red cross center made Doug very ill and gave me a sore back and neck. Take your own pillows as well. And a jacket. The air conditioning really played havoc with Doug. He was finally sick enough that they sent us to a motel. The Red Cross was wonderful to us providing Doug with a doctor and the rest of us more elderly people were well taken care of as well.....

Since then we are ready to evacuate at a moments notice. We bought a Toule soft weatherproof car top carrier for our Subbie and are purchasing a special trailor from Canada made for our Subbie Outback. We will be leaving the trailor packed in the yard where we can just back up and take off. It will have all of our emergengy supplies in it as well as those sleeping bags and mattresses. We got blow up mattresses and have two pumps - one for the car and one for electricity. Our shelter did not have any electrical plugs to plug Doug's breathing machine for his apnea so we have bought an adaptor for the car. We actually slept in the car the first night out, with the dog and the two cats. Not a pleasant night.

I wish you all the best.



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Just spoke to a cousin in Poway. The map link Jen posted shows the evacuation area as within a half mile of them, but they're reporting that the fire is 3 miles away and they don't need to leave. I hope they're right.

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Just spoke to a cousin in Poway. The map link Jen posted shows the evacuation area as within a half mile of them, but they're reporting that the fire is 3 miles away and they don't need to leave. I hope they're right.

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HI Jenny, I am so glad to hear that you are faring well so far. Speaking from experience on the evacuation front this summer, have a tote ready with the stuff Gina mentioned so that IF you do have to evacuate it is ready and you guys just have to grab and go. Once you have to be on the moe it is no time to try to be cerebral and remember everything!

I know that early this morning our MARS bomber headed down there and should be arriving right now actually and they were going to start bombing before landing, they will have four hours of fuel left to start out. THis plane is gianormous, it scoops up several thousand gallons of water in 27 seconds and drops it all without need to land and fill.

Our government has also put all our forestry crews on standby and assembled pilots etc as we are going into off season. They are all ready and waiting for the call from Arnold and thousands will be there. THere are even a few from my community here in the north that will go.

I hope that the winds continue to die out, I think we are getting them for you today instead, feels like the snow will fly here today which I am sure at this point SoCal would rejoice for!


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