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This is an ongoing listing of tutorials posted by members of this forum. Please do not reply on this thread -- let's keep it just for the list.


Greenleaf Gazette Archive--lots of tutorials for almost everything about building and making minis.

Everything you ever wanted to know about wiring a dollhouse--glossary of terms, tuts for round wiring, hybrid wiring, tape wiring, plus troubleshooting tips. 

Asian Decor, by Deb


seashell bathroom fixtures, by Holly


Bead Chandeleir #2, Post #7 by Irish Mist


Beaded Chandelier By Debra


bead curtain, by HavanaHolly (look under "8th session")


Bedding, Post #11 by Wenlaine


Blossom Tree by Conny v/den Dungen


Braided Rug by Imgervais


Books, by Jennybee


Burniing Embers by Tracy (Minis On The Edge)


Canning Jars by stillworkin


Corned Beef & Cabbage By Tam (Tams)


Drywall mud Siding technique by Karin (dollhousediva)


Christmas - assorted Many of these in this thread. by Kato411


couch by Melanie (Shakyshaky)


Dolls, Soft Sculpture, by Mariaskid


Dollhouse Box Printies by Wenlaine


Fern by Debra (Debra)


Fireplace, Fireplace Structure by Tracy (Minis On The Edge)


Fireplace For halfscale & unlit light fixture Fireplace & Light Tutorial by Alamom's


Flower Border by Tracy (Minis On The Edge)


Foundation Planting Tutorial by Gina (Wolfie)


Graceful Light by Conny v/den Dungen


Pleater, by Deb. Photo in Post#34


Quilts -paper, post #8 by Tracy. Post #6 Fabric ones by Deb


Palm Trees, Post #2 by Holly, Post #4 by DonnaLee


Paper Tissue Roses, Paper tissue Carnations, Daisies by SusannaT


Paper Rose by Tams


More Palms, Glen


Punch Needle Rugs ,  Wyckedwood Karin 


Reindeer, Post #12 by Nutti


Screens, Post #4 by Holly


Shades, by Ruby


Shingles Decorative by Diana M.


Stone with Builders Foam By steelwoolghandi


slippers, felt, by Carol (Irishmist), Post #7. Melanie's slipper pattern, post #23 (or was it 32? http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/unsure.gif )


Table and Chairs, by IrishMist


Tacos by Tams


Telescope by What2craftnow


Thatched Roofing, by Charlene


Tree, Wire By Blueuni47


Trolls, by Ruby


Wallpapering Templates, by Holly


Weathered Cardboard siding Siding by Amber 


Window Blinds By Anya


Technical How To


Lighting the McKinley, By Darrell and Melissa


Tools and Tips


How To lengthen electric wires By Tracy (Minis On the Edge)


Lighting A Dollhouse By Christinee

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