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  1. https://ebay.com/usr/valzv323 www.mercari.com/u/479415817 www.valzminiextras.weebly.com
  2. I bought some inexpensive toile craft paper but it looks too "new" or maybe (too colorful is a better word) for what I want to do to the house. I briefly thought about tea-staining the paper, but I'm not 100% sure that is the look I want. Has anyone used a watered down chalk paint (??) to tone down the bright color of their wallpaper? I'm not sure fading it is possible. Thought I'd ask before I experiment. Thankyou!
  3. From the album: Fairfield Build

    And so the looooooong build begins! All the wall paper (apart from the deep purple/navy - which is a textured wrapping paper) is from Brodnax Prints (http://brodnaxprints.com) in half inch scale.On the 3rd level/attic level I'm dividing it up into 4 rooms (hall way, laundry, bathroom and 3rd bedroom) so I'm still not sure where I'm placing the wall yet and therefore I'm going to wait to wall paper this section.
  4. Hi, I am currently working on my first dollhouse. It is an Alison Jr. I am hoping to handpaint and illustrate my own wallpaper and am not sure where to start. What paper is recommended? Also wondering if a seal, specific glue is required. I was hoping to make individual entire wall sized paintings (probably with watercolour paint) that will mount to the walls as wallpaper (and won't fade over time).
  5. From the album: Celeste's Album

    I am so excited about this wallpaper. It is a copy of the paper in the Gallier House sitting room right here in New Orleans. I purchased this wonderful paper from an Etsy seller, and can't wait to use it in my new house.
  6. Someone suggested newbies start a thread about their build and ask questions so that everything would be in one place for them as they work on their projects. Sounds like a great idea so here is mine. I am building the orchid with the intent it be a tea room or tea room and gifts shop. The exterior will be painted in a true Victorian color scheme of rose tones, cream/white, and gray. I wanted to paint my own Victorian house in this palette but the Victorian next door to me is painted orange, yellow and brown. Color clash with my pinks. I opted for greens, beige, cream with a deep red burgundy accent in real life. The first floor will be a kitchen and dining room with a conservatory out the end of the dining room for additional seating/garden area. The upstairs will either be a bed and bath living quarters for the shop owner or a bath and gift/shop area. I haven't decided for sure yet. I have many questions and hope you all will be able to help out and give me your ideas, opinions and web sources. I have been reading like mad the past few weeks to learn about things I don't know about like wiring and lighting etc. Yes I am cross eyed at this point so it's time to ask questions. I would like to paper the house with Victorian damask or floral type papers and have not found exactly what I want. I checked out miniature.com, Earth and Tree along with ebay and many printable paper sites. I didn't find anything I was in love with for this project so I thought I would make my own papers. I found some beautiful images to use and take to a printer to print out since I don't have a laser printer. I have only been able to find one short video without sound on how to do this. I need more info. Like what to set the dpi for if I want to print on legal size paper and how to cut the image to make the pattern repeat. I have gimp but would be willing to download something else if someone here knows how to use different software. There are tons of videos on how to use gimp but I don't know what other terms to search for to find the right video to set up for large paper printing and making my pattern repeat. Any suggestions? Even printing out on 8.5 x 11 would be fine since I am going to plug and play my electrical and use corner molding to hide wiring. Been a long time since I used gimp so I don't mind learning things again. While researching lighting, I found warm white led bulbs but not cool white or daylight led. Do they exist? I may put some of these in the ceiling as can lights around a focal point Victorian type of light fixture in the dining room. I'm also interested in making some of my own light fixtures and led would work perfectly for this. Are there any in particular lights you would recommend for this purpose or suppliers. I think I can plug and play led bulbs. If I am wrong, please let me know. I have hung lots of wallpaper in real life and rewired my fair share of antique lights and chandeliers so I think I'm ready to tackle a dollhouse. Thanks in advance you wonderful mini makers! Please help me with these two dilemmas. 1. wallpaper 2.led bulbs/lighting.
  7. Okay, so, I have had a problem trying to find exactly the right wallpaper to use since I am going for a very specific theme for my house, and I am VERY picky. I did find a few scrapbook papers that were the right design, but the scale is off for the Fairfield. Then it occurred to me that I am a former graphic designer, and I could just create my own wallpaper designs exactly how I wanted them (DUH). My question is with scaling. I am not good at math, and don't know anything about wallpaper...so I'm wondering, aside from printing out a ton of samples and wasting a bunch of paper and ink to see what looks right, is there some kind of mathematical formula or conversion chart that might tell me roughly how small I should scale my design down? I know that in 1:24 scale 1/2" equals 1 foot..but the problem is I don't know how big a wallpaper print should be in real life. Example, for a damask design, how many of the damask flowery pieces would occur in a foot in real life? Does any of this make sense? lol
  8. Okay guys. So, I've read hundreds of posts about this, but I'm still a bit confused as to when/how exactly to wallpaper this thing. Yes, I know it's personal preference, but most people seem to agree that because of the size and complexity of the Fairfield, that it's easier to wallpaper the walls before assembly. However, when you do this, doesn't it look strange in the corners where the walls meet since the paper won't be wrapped across the corner? And then won't the bay windows look strange as well because the edges won't be connected? Also, if you wallpaper before assembly, how do you glue it together without messing up the paper? Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm just so confused. *Side note: does anyone out there have an actual video of how they wallpapered the Fairfield? I've seen lots of videos on how to wallpaper other houses, but no one on YouTube seems to have documented the Fairfield process, just the finished product. Thank you all! <3
  9. I decided to go with "wallpaper mucilage" to apply the wallpaper. It looked fine on the wall at first. Then after about 6hrs it is all wavy and bubbly. So Im trying to find out what I did wrong and if there is a way to fix it or if I need to just buy more paper and tear that attempt out. Does anyone have any advice to offer? Maybe I put too much paste on ?!
  10. Since @Sharebhas asked about scaling wallpaper, I have heard others say they use Paint, or Photoshop to make their own paper. I am wondering if there is a tutorial on this site or another place? I have Paint and Photoshop Elements, but don't use them enough to be proficient.
  11. Valz Mini Extras provides OOAK Handmade miniatures on Facebook. Mini Extras also provides deep discounted wallpaper, flooring, and fabric at: www.valzminiextras.simplesite.com Will be upgrading to a new site in the near future but you can sign up for my mailing list at: https://mailchi.mp/856855ad2e8e/valzminiextras Please check me out! Like, share, subscribe! Thanks!!
  12. From the album: Sweet Cypress Cottage

    In this photo you can see the beginnings of the Sweet Cypress interior. It isn't furnished, but the inside is *mostly* finished (a few things here and there need doing!). You can also see that, flanking either side of the house, I have started work on custom and kit-based additions. To the left, there is the cellar door facade (there's no cellar below just a trick of the eye); the scratch base and planks are assembled but not painted or weather yet. On the right, you can see the french doors (with no knobs!) leading out to a patio-esque platform. The small porch-looking structure is the base of the greenhouse kit addition. So, the residents can travel from the kitchen directly to the greenhouse! Lots of work remaining (especially on the custom porch, more details soon) out front so I haven't photographed that quite yet! However, after many months of lurking and posting, you folks now have *some* sense of what I've been up to
  13. Hello fellow miniature enthusiasts! I recently just picked up my first greenleaf dollhouse kit, and I am unclear about a few things. Do I apply wallpaper, paint, siding and carpet to the house before it is assembled? Any input is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  14. CJN Miniatures in Edmonds, WA recently moved to a new store at 23030 Hwy 99. It is a yellow 2-story building between Les Schwab & Public Storage. They not only have everything you need for a dollhouse, but also dolls, collectibles & antiques now. They offer consignment at 30% and have many artisan and older items in stock. Visit them at http://CJNMiniatures.com CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT-1.docx
  15. I'm REALLY frustrated trying to put wallpaper on this wall. Does anyone have any tricks or tips for getting around all that window trim? It's securely glued on there so removing the trim isn't really an option. I'm at a loss here...
  16. Hello, my mom passed away a few years ago and I decided to finish off her dollhouse project (lol... 'finish'). She already had some wallpaper installed and others ready to be installed. Some of the installed wallpaper is horribly discolored, brownish, fading and just plain awful. Others are fine. Of the uninstalled wallpaper, some of it is already faded at the edges, although the items were never in the sun. There are other papers in mint condition. I don't want to replace the wallpaper with something that is going to fade and discolor again but there are no brand names on any of the papers I have. There are no dollhouse shops near me which forces me to buy online, where I cannot assess the true quality of the paper. I'm wondering what the best brand is so I dont have this problem again. I prefer a heavier wallpaper rather then the regular paper weight as it is easier for me to install. Thank you for any advice! Kris
  17. Hi all, I'm working on the Orchid (TMF) my first house in 31 years. I was thinking about putting the bottom partition in so that the kitchen is on the left. I thought about extending the bay window in for a small table. For those of you who've done this house, would that work?(i.e. proper height) I really don't want to put printed wallpaper on all of the interior walls, and I've heard that you shouldn't paint them, so can I put up solid color cardstock instead? I'd read some posts about scoring the floor and staining to look like floor planks, but my shell is already together. Could I make floor planks with craft (popsicle) sticks? I'm having a hard time sanding the edges of pieces to get them really smooth. They seem to be rough no matter what I do, and on some of the narrow trim pieces, some of the back layer has actually fallen off. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  18. I have a question regarding Itsy Bitsy Mini's wallpaper. How realistic does it look in houses? I was wondering if the shininess of the photo paper they use for printing makes it look too unrealistic in dollhouses. Thanks.
  19. I have a few questions about wallpapering, as while I've had dollhouses in the past I've never wallpapered them! 1) Does it need to be a special type of paper that I'd have to buy from a miniatures supplier, or can I use paper from the craft store? If so, which type works best? 2) What glue/paste would you recommend to apply it? 3) At what stage of the build should I wallpaper? I have currently only dry-fitted my house (Beacon Hill) and am aware that there are areas that will be difficult to access after it's glued together, should I wallpaper walls before assembling? Let me know if there's any other tips I should know before starting Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone. I am new to the dollhouse community, and am wondering if I can use scrapbook paper on the walls for wallpaper? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. Karen
  21. doe any one have any advice for wallpaper adhesives? glue vs spray adhesive, wallpaper paste?
  22. Libby


    From the album: French Bedroom

    I don't like the brown wallpaper. I think I am going to plaster/stucco the walls instead. I'd really like to brick them but that is a lot of work and I'd have to find the right color to go with the pink on the bed.
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