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  1. From the album: Furniture Kits

    I just finished my first attempt at making dollhouse furniture from a Realife miniature kit. It was pretty easy and fun. I messed up the pins that hold the doors in place, but once stuff gets displayed inside, I won’t attempt to open them again. I got the kit used so it was missing the drawer pulls. I used sewing pin heads instead.
  2. Lips


    From the album: Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, glue.........I love working with paper.........
  3. Lips


    From the album: Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, glue.........I love working with paper.........
  4. Mary S.


    From the album: Furniture First

    I started the furniture before I decided to build a house. It was so much fun that a friend said I should build a house or a moving van! So here is a loarg room box with everything just cramed in. Enter the Orchid, in progress
  5. cloudbound


    From the album: Cloudbound

    The wood burl tables are made from 'slices' I purchased from a few different sellers on Etsy. Each one looks so different. The couch is a House of Miniatures kit that I just covered with a different fabric than the blue cotton that was provided. Same thing with the armchair. The footstool is just a piece of basswood covered with matching fabric and four wood 'beads' for feet. Most of the ceiling fixtures throughout are made of thin basswood I purchased at my local hobby shop.
  6. Hello, This miniature lounge is 1/12 scale. Entirely handmade, it is incredible realism! A real pleasure to offer! It is for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/MiniMondeBoutique?ref=search_shop_redirect&show_panel=true and see here: http: //montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/
  7. rackey

    A Little Visitor

    From the album: Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    As Heather is looking to see where her sister Carrie wandered off to, she checks out the TV and other Christmas decorations.
  8. From the album: Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    The wallpaper is finished in Mo's Vermont Farmhouse living room. The stairs aren't in yet, but the TV is.
  9. Behbet

    20140411 234808

    From the album: New Orleans-inspired dollhouse

    The living room, ceiling light is installed, wallpaper printed out from pictures we found online. Can't remember where the striped one came from, but I found the fleur de lis printie on the morandi sisters blog. It's mostly in Italian I think but with bits of English. They have lots of nice printable wallpapers there. The couch and wood floor are made by my mom, she's also been working on a spiral staircase for this room which should be fabulous.
  10. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    Grandma has more room to stretch out in her favorite chair now that the dining room table has been moved. She and Grandpa moved the table to make room for the girls' Christmas gifts from Santa, and they decided they like the room this way. Grandma's rocker used to be in the corner, where the red, flowered chair is, and that chair used to be in the sewing area.
  11. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    The living room was the last room in the house to get curtains, which really complete this room. The room also has a TV set in it now, although the screen is facing the love seat. The TV has a pumpkin on it. When my father completed this kit in 1979, I didn't want a television because I thought it would be too modern for the house. At that time all the mini TV's I saw were plastic, and I wanted to stick with wood. But now, wooden television consoles can also be considered antiques. So now Grandma is happy because she has another antique, Grandpa is happy because he no longer has to go to the bar to watch a ball game, and the girls are happy because they can do their homework in front of a TV set.
  12. From the album: Craigslist Find: Heirloom Dollhouse Lot

    The unfinished living room. Waiting for ceiling lights and a new floor.
  13. rackey

    Picture Perfect

    From the album: Mosie's Room

    This is my friend Maureen's room box, which I think looks like a picture perfect Christmas postcard from the dog and its bone, to the corner tree, to the vintage boxes. I also think the picture on the back wall shows up well.
  14. From the album: My Tennyson

    Flooring, ceiling, and wallpaper in the living room are complete. Need to work on moulding, the interior door and touch up the window trim.
  15. rackey

    Room with A Rug

    From the album: Mosie's Room

    Maureen also crochets and recently made crocheted coasters. This one can also substitute as a rug for her room box.
  16. From the album: Mosie's Room

    I bought my little dolls to Mo's house so they could give their expert opinion on her room box. As you can see, it most definitely meets their approval. These two wasted no time making themselves at home. Carrie is resting while Heather is checking out the curtain.
  17. rackey

    No Place Like Home

    From the album: Mosie's Room

    Here is another view of the room. To me it has a 50s look and a homey appeal.
  18. From the album: Mosie's Room

    This is the completed look of the room box, but as Mo knows, this is really just the beginning. I believe most, if not all, dollhouses and room boxes are a continuous work in progress.
  19. From the album: Mosie's Room

    Thanks to all those who have helped search for this particular out-of-stock loveseat. Mo finally found it from Country Store Miniatures in Vancouver, Washington. Apparently, this was a popular item at one time, but it is rare to see upholstered arm chairs, loveseats, and couches with wood on the arms. That seems true in the full-sized world as well. - I am so happy she found it!
  20. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    This view shows the new staircase leading to the third floor. Prior to this addition, the only way to the attic was through one's imagination. The tea set is Reutters French Rose pattern, and the yellow blends in well.
  21. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    This shot offers a better view of the gramophone, piano, and gold chair.
  22. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    If you walk up the kitchen stairs, the first room to the left will be the living room. If you note the gramophone, radio, and typewriter, you will realize that Grandma likes her antiques. In the old house, I had red upholstry in the living room, but I loved the yellow and blue loveseat pattern when I saw it online, so I decided to change my color scheme. I since purchased the armchair to match. I had the darker yellow or gold flowered chair in my Garfield house, which has yet to be remodeled. I always loved that chair, and thought it had a country feel to it, so the chair has a new home for as long as I decide to keep the room yellow. - The wallper is a baige background with blue flowers, so I can always switch to blue or go back to red.
  23. mollymmoore

    IMG 0714[1]

    From the album: Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage

    Stairs are stained and glued, awaiting polyurethane. It was a struggle for several months to figure out how to use the rounded spindles instead of the flat ones. I think the effort was worth the result so far.
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