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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been busy over the last several weeks going through my collection and dismantling three of my major dollhouse projects. I have literally run out of space, and if I want to do more projects in the future (and I really do), I need to let go of some of the older stuff. Here's a link to the items I have listed on eBay - all the opening bids start at $.99 and most things are just sold as big lots of like items: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=122972141479&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_ssn=tiny-little-smithy&_sop=1 These are the dismantled structures I have on Craigslist. They are all big and heavy and the shipping seems pretty cost prohibitive to list them on eBay. I am not even sure what to ask for them, so please feel free to make suggestions in terms of pricing or whatever you think would be helpful to move them on: https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/clt/d/rgt-contemporary-ranch/6499997361.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/clt/d/rft-ruff-rustic-barn/6499996473.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/clt/d/houseworks-fascination/6499995391.html Thank you! Jodi
  2. My passion for miniatures recently got me into a really bizarre situation... I collect finely hand sculpted wood furniture... in real size... one of my hobbies is hunting for beautiful pieces of furniture, often in a state of disrepair, and restoring them back to life. So naturally my passion started to bleed into my miniature hobby and I began searching for vintage furniture pieces. Lundby is a personal favorite of mine, but after starting my 1:24 project I discovered the wonders of Bespaq, Hanson, JBM and so many other fantastic artists that I couldn't find locally. Most of what I managed to collect came from all over the world, previously owned, mint or broken. I'm not exactly concerned with the 'collectors value' of a piece, I enjoy the process of searching for pieces that I'm missing and just mixing it up, if I like it I'll get it and if it's broken it can be fixed. So I was “furniture hunting” of the miniature kind and came across this beautiful carved table I had never seen before, great condition and a nice deal too so I grabed it. I kept picturing on my mind where I could place it in my 'mini home', when it finally arrived I open the package with anticipation and..... I find Harley Davidson Merch! My partner is a bike enthusiast, so I ask him if he had ordered anything recently on Ebay... then we check the labels and the receipt inside... it was not ours. After some detective work we managed to piece out what happened, on the journey to its destination someone had switched the labels on the packages, and somewhere out there a bike enthusiast had received dollhouse furniture lol. Luckily I managed to get in contact with the other person, and we sorted out this situation ourselves. I am very happy and grateful that this lovelly table ended up on the hands of a nice person who was kind enough to return it to me, such honesty and kindness is a thousand times better than a refund! The table arrived with one leg broken, and I imagine the person who first received it thought it was maybe their fault and tried to fix it.... with 'crazy glue' lol! So I've spent a good portion of the day carefully scraping off the bits of cyanoacrylate adhesive from the wood, and put it back together with proper glue. I think it's setting well together now, and the shape on the top is just perfect for the mini radio I made recently. Attached a couple pics of the table after repairs, dunno if you can tell which leg was broken.. there is a very tiny seam but I figured is probably best to not try to redo the veneer since everything else is pretty much in good shape. I think it's a vintage Bespaq piece but I can't find it on their catalogues, its shape is very unusual and I love it!
  3. Hello everyone, long time no see. Between a big move to my art studio last Summer and more Dollhouse/Art shows being added to my schedule, my miniatures and I have been zig-zagging across western/central New York. It's been an interesting experience and come September (Sept. 25th - WNYME Dollhouse Show in Hamburg, NY), all of my tiny creations will start traveling again, but for now most of my inventory plans on spending the Summer online. So if you missed me at a show, or you would like to browse my artist offerings, you can find my work available at my Etsy shop; https://www.etsy.com/shop/KyleLefort And a large portion of my inventory is also posted at my eBay store; http://stores.ebay.com/kylelefort I have been posting a few new items each week on eBay and once I'm out of store listings there I will start adding more to Etsy, so feel free to check back later. ~ By request, I also have plans to focus more on 1:48 scale items this year. Since 1:48 is a scale I only began working in because I was asked to a few years ago, I'm open to suggestions for new items. If there's anything in my shops that you'd like to see made in 1:48 or there is something that you have a tough time finding for your collections fell free to shout it out here. I'm not planning on accepting any commissions, but I would like to make sure that the super tiny things I create are actually things that other people would enjoy. I have a big magnifying glass now (such a good idea) and am more willing than ever to attempt to do cool stuff in that tiny scale.
  4. I've been focused on reorganizing and purging in anticipation of getting my new laser cutter late this year, and have listed some items I either don't need, or know I won't use, on eBay. Thanks for looking http://www.ebay.com/sch/dal.gd12012/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  5. Soapz

    German ebay haul

    From the album: Miniatures

    Too good to pass up - and cheap.... All in all 14 pieces: 5 or 6 cabinets, a stove and 3 or 4 tables, a garden bench with table, a chair and some other stuff - $40.00
  6. Hi All! I have some items I need to move as I get ready for show season. I have about 60 items marked down 30%. There is a lot of JBM furniture as it is onesies and twosies that are left in my inventory. The furniture has FREE shipping. This is all I have of these items. Once they are sold I will not be buying more. In cases like the JBM, there are no more. PM me with any questions and I hope all is well with everyone. Go to my "All About Miniatures" store and click on "Closeouts." http://stores.ebay.com/All-About-Miniatures?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  7. Hi All!! For those of you that haven't heard, I am now the North American distributor for JBM Miniature Furniture. I recently unpacked, inspected and checked in over 7,000 pieces of miniature furniture. I needed a bib for all of the drool. There is so much AWESOME stuff. That being said, I am really working on helping JBM "relaunch" their line. No more shipping delays. No more invoice or billing issues. A lot of great merchandise. JBM is introducing about 120 new designs this year. I have loaded over 300 pieces in my eBay store. I am running a brief sale. Get 20% off AND free shipping. I won't do this often and may not leave it on eBay as I want to protect my wholesale customers. This is a reintroduction sale to give a lot of people an opportunity to get some great quality furniture at a low price. Here is the link -- http://stores.ebay.com/All-About-Miniatures?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Have a great weekend!!
  8. Hello everyone, Earlier this year I added eBay to the list of my online shops, and it's been going well, so for now the bulk of my handmade miniatures are for sale there. If you've ever visited my Etsy shop you might recognize a few things that I switched to eBay + plenty of new items too. Feel free to check it out; http://www.ebay.com/usr/artist_kylel ~I'm also going to take a moment to let the Greenleaf community know about my Mini Patchwork Dragon series. I started making adorable miniature dragon stuffed animals. The first one was just a personal project, and is posted here in the forums; http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=102124 For the past month or so I've been trying to fill requests/make more dragons, and I'm keeping a gallery folder of the whole series on DeviantArt; http://kyle-lefort.deviantart.com/gallery/50010627/Mini-Patchwork-Dragons New dragons will be posted on eBay as soon as I finish them. People seem to like these little guys (they are very cute) so I just wanted to lt everyone know-There's more on the way. FYI: I had a table at a local miniatures show last fall (loved it ), and I'm working towards doing that again this year so any sales made this summer are going to help fund that. Thank you.
  9. If anyone is interested, I've listed four of my dolls on Ebay under seller name Missymew101. I'm downsizing as I've just too many to put into my scenes.
  10. From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    New mounted African antelope! He looks great in man-caves, hunting lodges, and creepy old victorian mansions. Now available for sale on both etsy and ebay! Made to order! OOAK!

    © 2014 PorcelainPoppy

  11. From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    Full size taxidermy bear. Perfect for museums, big game hunters or man-caves. Now available for sale on both etsy and ebay! Each is made to order and OOAK! Commissions welcome!

    © 2014 PorcelainPoppy

  12. From the album: Various Miniatures

    Just look at those cute drop-side cribs!!! There are 3 brass beds like the one shown (plus another Hello Dolly brass bed). School desk, wash stand (probably going into the Willowcrest, after I chinoiserize it), a full bathroom (only the tub is shown) and then the painted dressing table on the left (I have two of those, plus more matching drawer chests). I also have a full Hello Dolly kitchen set (not pictured). Not shown, but there's also a half-scale bunk bed - I don't know what I'm going to do with it, it is way too small for my houses.

    © Lene Pieters

  13. From the album: Various Miniatures

    My treasures arrived! A lot of the boxes are dusty, have rat teeth marks and smell of decades-long storage in a garage. All the pieces are in great condition, except a few spigots that came loose from age. This group is mostly the fancier pieces. I just LOVE the huge breakfront - that is going into the Hattery. The two display cabinets are great too, as is the fireplace. There are 2 sewing machines for my fabric shop. The organ pencil sharpener on the right will probably be steampunked into something else. The book blocks are a bit plain, might fancy them up a bit.

    © Lene Pieters

  14. When I was first into miniatures, back in the early 90s, I bought four dolls--all Erna Meyer dolls, all children (probably because the children were cheaper than the adults?). So yesterday, when I was tooling around eBay looking for new dolls, I started with Erna Meyer, but they appear to be just as expensive as ever. Instead I found three dolls that look like EM dolls--and could even be, since I don't see any brand names attached. They might even be used, but that's ok. These are the ones I bought: Sadly I can never find an adult male doll that I like.
  15. I've been selling handmade miniatures on Etsy for a year or two (here, btw; https://www.etsy.com/shop/KyleLefort), and I'm pretty happy with it, but I also wanted to try out other sites. So now I'm posting things on eBay too. Some of the listings were previously on Etsy, I switched them over just to get a feel for what's different between the two sites. I'm also listing new items, Lots and assorted items that just didn't fit into what you'd expect to find on Etsy, but they seem right at home on eBay. Current list of available items up for auction/sale; http://www.ebay.com/sch/lekyle23/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= My plan is to add a couple new items everyday this week.
  16. Quite a few new updates at both my ebay and etsy stores! Etsy coupon code "greenleafnewyear" for 10% off!
  17. From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    Version Two of my popular deer mount now available!

    © PorcelainPoppy 2014

  18. porcelainpoppy

    Ram Mount

    From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    2014 Release: The Ram mount. Each one is made to order and OOAK.

    © PorcelainPoppy 2014

  19. From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    Made to order & OOAK Bull Moose mount by PorcelainPoppy.

    © PorcelainPoppy 2014

  20. From the album: PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    Made to order & OOAK Bull Moose mount by PorcelainPoppy.

    © PorcelainPoppy 2014

  21. I have taken my website down for maintenance. I am changing shopping cart software and am preparing for a big announcement. In the meantime, I have listed a bunch of items in my eBay Store. Some items are "Buy it Now" and some are auctions. I also have some items marked down for an end of month clearance. Stop by and take a look. I will be loading quite a few more pieces this weekend while I rebuild my website. http://stores.ebay.com/All-About-Miniatures
  22. It is my intention to be selling on ebay &/or etsy within a few months. At this time, the only internet I have is through my Smartphone. My question is, do any of you manage ebay or etsy from a mobile phone? I have seen ads that say 'posted from my (phone)'. I can read what ebay & etsy say about this but would like to know the opinions of people I respect. I.E. Greenleaf Forum Members. I appreciate any input and opinions. Thanks for listening
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