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  1. From the album: Miniature Porcelain Dolls

    .This is a kit from Dana Burton. She painted the face, I dressed her with the direction and materials from her kit. I used A chest that I purchased from Amazon after @grazhina found one Amazon. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=42869#comment-683701
  2. From the album: Verdun manor

    She is under creation. Her leg needed reconstruction.

    © Verdinoir

  3. Lips


    From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  4. Lips


    From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  5. From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  6. Lips


    From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  7. Lips


    From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  8. Lips


    From the album: Barbie Dolls

    Back from the dead, cleaned up and restored, I make all their clothes and shoes too.
  9. From the album: miniatures

    I think I will call her "Lucy" for short. She is so cute! I bought her off Amazon, and here she is helping me shop for her new friends. She is an Ai Doll from Jun Planning. Very very happy with this purchase!
  10. From the album: Chalet Alpin/Alpin chalet

    My doll is mad with seed beads, It's same size as playmobil

    © Elisabeth Vivian 2014

  11. spooky0473

    My hikers

    From the album: Chalet Alpin/Alpin chalet

    Anothe view of my hikers.

    © Elisabeth Vivian 2014

  12. From the album: Chalet Alpin/Alpin chalet

    My doll is made with seed beads, It's 7.5 cm tall (same size as playmobil)

    © Elisabeth Vivian 2014

  13. From the album: Miscellaneous Minis

    Here is another way to really work those IKEA doll beds. Like I mentioned in another post, I am off to IKEA soon to get a little something for my "furmily" to have that might keep them out of my dollhouse builds. Hey...I can dream, can't I? ;)

    © ©2014 All About Miniatures

  14. Gonzo

    IKEA Doll Beds

    From the album: Miscellaneous Minis

    Here is a great idea for those of us that have our little furry friends help with our mini builds. People in Japan have started a trend of using IKEA doll beds as beds for their cats and small dogs. What a clever idea! Next trip to Cincinnati I am running to IKEA!

    © ©2014 All About Miniatures

  15. moonberry

    Albert & Inge

    From the album: Harrison

    I bought these 18 inch porcelain dolls many years ago in South Africa. They had all my favourite colours and actually matched my dining room scheme at the time. I'm going to use these colours to paint the Harrison for the Mad Hatter. It has a crazy carnival vibe without losing any masculinity and just "feels" right.

    © Lene Pieters

  16. moonberry

    Lady Camella

    From the album: Furniture for my Garfield

    I saw this Liz Staryk doll on eBay and instantly fell in love with her! I've named her Lady Camella. She is an eccentric expat who lived in various countries and ended up in the Middle East, where she had a fling with a Sheikh who shall remain nameless. Oh, and within ten minutes from arriving in Dubai, she claimed the Garfield to house all her treasures and collections. With fond memories of her adventurous youth, she clearly does not care one bit what anybody thinks of her. What a feisty lady! Her lamé clothing is quite fragile and is starting to unravel a bit, so I have to be extr

    © Lene Pieters

  17. From the album: Scenes & Other Minis

    Another plush pillow friend-This one is a happy green alien. available on eBay

    © Kyle Lefort 2014

  18. From the album: Country House - Renovated

    This minature Edith Hicks doll that I purchased on eBay completes the girls' collection of Shirley Temple items. Grandma told them she had this doll when she was a little girl, so they believe this is a real antique.
  19. rackey

    Cindy Lou Who

    From the album: Country House - Renovated

    Cindy Lou Who arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Yes, I know she is way too big for my dollhouse, but I ordered her for my niece, not me. My niece Tara is 26 years old, and I am still buying her dolls for Christmas - but for a good reason. She is an actress playng Momma Who in a national tour of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so Cindy is her baby.
  20. rackey

    Angi Gets a Lift

    From the album: Country House - Renovated

    Woody likes to help Angi get around. Here he is carrying Angi on his back so she can go visit her little friends.
  21. fov

    Ingalls family dolls

    From the album: Little House in the Big Woods Cabin (half scale)

    Mary at the mirror. I didn't realize until I put her here how low that mirror is! I should move it up a bit.

    © Emily Morganti 2013

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