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  1. Hello! I'm currently working on my first dollhouse. I bought this already assembled and have noticed there are hinges in the corners of most of the rooms (photos attached) some of which stick out quite bit. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to hide these as I don't want them to show under my wallpapers. (it seems as if they were used to pull the corners of the dollhouse walls together) Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am currently working on my first dollhouse. It is an Alison Jr. I am hoping to handpaint and illustrate my own wallpaper and am not sure where to start. What paper is recommended? Also wondering if a seal, specific glue is required. I was hoping to make individual entire wall sized paintings (probably with watercolour paint) that will mount to the walls as wallpaper (and won't fade over time).
  3. I have built a bunch of mini homes but I think the last one I did was over 4 years ago. I really want to get back into it, I have tons of kits that I have great ideas for but I am feeling a little panic. I just have not done this in so long I feel like I am going to screw it up somehow. Starting with a Buttercup cottage for a 4 year old relative. Looking for some good tips and maybe a few words of encouragement! Thanks! Jen in NJ
  4. I have recently acquired a amazingly beautiful doll house for FREE, hard to believe, but it's true. There are a few cosmetic issues on the exterior that need replaced and/or fixed: The entire porch railing. Most of the clear plastic window backings are missing. Doors need it be replaced. Trim work needs to be replaced, and from what I can tell, a balcony/walkway of some sort existed above thw3rd floor window and wrapped around both sides of the house. I want to restore & repair it to prime condition & do it correctly. I was never lucky enough as a child to have one of my own. So this is a very special project for me to say the least, lol. I have no information on it what so ever & would really like to figure a few things out about it, if possible: ¹What particular kind of doll house it? ²How old is it? ³What can be DIY/hand-made instead of buying expensive pre-made kits, like porch railing, banisters ect? ⁴Is it possible to add a balcony to the 2nd or 3rd floor? ⁵Is it possible to modify an existing window into a doorway? ⁶Is it possible to add/remove interior walls to make rooms/areas bigger/smaller? ⁷Can a door be added to an existing interior wall? ⁸Can a 2nd door leading to the porch be added on the side of the house? I have no clue and figured the best thing to do was ask. ANY tips & advice on the best way to go about any of this would be greatly appreciated! My ultimate goal is to completely restore & repair the entire doll house top to bottom.
  5. I love making punchneedle rugs so much, I just wanted to share a few things about the process in case anyone is thinking it's too hard or complicated. It's not. It's easy and fun and the rugs look so great in miniature. So, the point of this post is to share some supplies needed and steps, trouble shooting, etc to help take any mystery out of the process. First, supplies. You need : -pattern book, iron on transfers or your own design -weavers cloth -punchneedle tool and threader in sizes extra small and small (the small sz is optional, some people only use the extra small) -embroidery floss, choice of colors or colors suggested in pattern (use 1 strand of 6 strand floss in extra small needle) (use up to 3 in the small needle) -small scissors (I like small curved) -locking lip embroidery hoops in several sizes or embroidery frame * supplies for miniature punchneedle have to be tracked down, like so many other supplies for our hobby. Notice the blank look on your local Joann's employee's face when you ask for weavers cloth. The extra small needle will probably have to be sent for also, but I do see the small size needle sets in stores sometimes. The pattern books are available thru eBay or Amazon. Everything else should be readily available * troubleshooting - fabric isn't tight enough in hoop (must be tight as a drum) -thread isn't running smoothly through punchneedle tool, maybe a small knot is catching the floss - lengthen the stitch. Shorter stitches are more difficult to keep latched in fabric - direction of needle is facing the wrong way. Directions for how to place the needle will come with the needle but there is a specific way it must face. Ok so I'm just going to add some pictures because that's the easiest way to understand. I'll do some of them in the comment section so I can keep them separated in sections. And add supply links there too. Here's the supplies needed photo, close up of two different sizes of punchneedle, books available and the threaders. The threaders come with the punchneedles whenever I've purchased them but they are different sizes lengthwise for the different size punchneedles
  6. I’m clearing off my work table to make room for dollhouse Christmas projects I’ve got going. I have a few offerings, all unassembled, some unpainted, some carefully china painted. Assembly instructions will be included. Assembly is done with simple materials like pipe cleaners, cotton balls, super glue and tacky glue. These make a really fun do-it-yourself project and it’s an affordable way to add beautiful dolls to your dollhouse. These are porcelain dolls in 1:12 scale, cast, cleaned and fired, some are painted, by me. The china painted dolls undergo a meticulous process of 5 to 7 trips thru the kiln at temperatures that are high enough to set the paint permanently. Unpainted dolls can be painted with acrylics, chalks and even powders from your own makeup. Any questions, just ask. Scroll down because I’m going to put these in separate posts just to keep the descriptions orderly. First offering is a beautiful doll that is unpainted, porcelain bisque. She is known as Milady and her original sculpt was created by a well known doll artist named Paulette Stinson. Shown are two examples from the artist of a costumed Milady and the bisque I’m offering today. She would make a beautiful bride, she’s smiling and has darling dimples. I can offer her with your choice of two different style of arms, long white porcelain gloved arms, or plain hands. Both sets of arms are well formed to hold an item in the hands, like a book or bridal bouquet. I also have two different choices for shoes, one, a petite heeled shoe and the other a Georgian heel. Either could be painted or covered over with silk ribbon if desired. She is customized in her greenware stage, I put her on a nice Cynthia Howe designed long torso.
  7. I have a few porcelain castings I can offer this morning. I’m going to the post office this afternoon so these could be shipped out today. Private message me for details. Unpainted, unassembled porcelain bisque dolls are the most economical way to add beautiful porcelain dolls of artist quality to your dollhouse scenes. Paint them with acrylics yourself. Costume them in good quality cotton or silks, add a viscose fiber hairdo and you have a creation and family heirloom you can be very proud of. There are links, tutorials, patterns etc. available online. My dolls are cast by me in high quality French Bisque colored porcelain slip which is formulated specifically for doll quality. I take great care in cleaning the greenware for a quality piece, firing them once in my kiln at what is known as a soft fire temperature then I go through the process of cleaning them again and kiln fire one more time to bisque temperature,over 2000 degrees. They are then polished, carefully packaged and sent to you quickly. This is Maisy, an elderly woman who could be cast in the role of anything from Mrs. Claus to flower seller or sophisticated shopper. She has a very sweet, kindly face. I can offer choice of shoes, from work boot suitable for gardening or the Edwardian strappy heel, or a Georgian style heel. Her hands are cast from a really neat elderly hands mold. I can also offer a white gloved arm if you prefer. Hallie is my other casting available, she is a gorgeous doll and quite easy to paint. I can also offer her with the arms shown here, a different hand shape or the beautiful white porcelain gloved arm. If you need the visual of what these dolls look like painted, check the mold makers website Cynthia Howe Miniatures. Thanks for looking and do let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for porcelain doll wise, I’d love to help. Karin
  8. I bought this villa! I've been looking at these kits for awhile and decided to get one! https://www.ebay.com/itm/253586790267 I hope it's not too hard I know the directions are in chinese... Someone on the site has a paris shop I think it was. They are such cute kits. amanda
  9. Today I have made a lovely pan and pot for my dollhouse. They are made of brass and copper. Maybe someone will be interested in my method.
  10. I have a few extras from my recent firings. This doll is called Lucinda, by mold maker Marie Wheat. Cast, cleaned, fired and polished by myself. She would stand 5.5 inches when put together with pipe cleaners and cotton wrap. I send instructions for that process or there are many online tutorials for assembling I can direct you to. This offering is for an unassembled, unpainted, polished porcelain doll. For the do it yourself Miniaturist. Her eyes are big and I found her one of the easiest to paint, from all of the dolls I've painted so far. She can be painted with acrylics. She comes with beautifully shaped hands (the same hands I used with my Marie Antoinette doll) that have the ablility to hold items or trays, etc. or how about making a June bride with flower bouquet? The finished doll photo is an example of Lucinda used for advertisement, doll costume is by artist Paulette Stinson. Marie Wheat made an entire bridal pattern book just for Lucinda, called Lucinda and Toms Wedding. Very vintage book and I'm not certain of its availability. * as a free gift included, Ill also send a half head, you can use it to practice painting or as a ghost head in mirror scene or greenwoman wall hanging etc..
  11. I have a few porcelain dolls available. These particular dolls are painted by me with oil paint. I think it would be neat if they could be sold together as an instant family for your dollhouse but of course I will sell them separately. I take a lot of care and time to assemble my dolls so that they'll stand without a doll stand. I hate doll stands. If they are balanced they will stand by themselves. With the exception of the sleeping "ballerina". I haven't added the arms because it's easier for me to costume them without the arms glued on, until the bodice is complete. You would just glue pipe cleaners into arms ( I use a combo of super glue and tacky) , let it dry and cut off after sizing the pipe cleaners to correct length. Then you could wrap with a little cotton. You could do this before costuming if you're worried about getting glue on costume. So this is who I have available. Monique, an adult apx 5.5 inch lady, she's made from a Doreen Sinnett mold. She has pretty green eyes. Kelly is from a Doreen Sinnett mold. She's the doll I used to make my Alice in Wonderland. Young teenager around 4 inches. She'd also be great for a little red riding hood or big sister, young maid etc. Pearl, also Doreen Sinnett mold. She's the size for about a 5 year old. The arms that come with her are bent, could be arranged to hold a bouquet of flowers, maybe a dolly, etc. She has a melancholy expression. Maybe she just dropped her ice cream cone Then I have a toddler from a Parker Levi mold. This is the doll they call Sean. Mine is a girl tho. She could be sleeping in a bed under the covers, or daydreaming about becoming a ballerina. If you want her to stand she'd have to be propped somehow. Message if interested in one or all and we can negotiate price. Ready to ship.
  12. I just had a baby girl (after 2 boys) and bought a beautiful huge but old doll house. I want to renovate it but don’t know where to begin. My biggest problem is I don’t know what material the walls of the house are made out of. It’s maybe plastic, mdf, wood, no clue. The trim is all wood so that’s good. So my main questions are: what type of paint should I buy to paint the unknown material?! What should I use to seal it all so it last a long time walls - scrapbook paper or is it worth it to splurge on wall paper? Roof - the roof is huge. I don’t even know where to begin or what to ask ahhhh any advice is SO greatly appreciated! ***shoot I can’t upload a pic
  13. From the album: Furniture & Accessories

    My first attempt at making furniture. Made from cardstock and matboard. Pattern from http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com.
  14. From the album: Furniture & Accessories

    My first attempt at making furniture. Made from cardstock and matboard. Pattern from http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com.
  15. From the album: Furniture & Accessories

    My first attempt at making furniture. Made from cardstock and matboard. Pattern from http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com.
  16. From the album: Dura Craft FH505 Conversion

    Cutting and painting strips of vinyl (I think it is vinyl) for DIY shingles. Gluing on with Fast Grab Tacky Glue. Will see how successful this experiment turns out.
  17. Help! My nine-year-old just purchased the Fairfield as her first real dollhouse kit build. We are just finishing the tape run and I can tell for so many reasons that this wasn't a good place for her to start, but I'm looking for a way to encourage her to continue this hobby while not spending thousands of dollars just yet. (She's only 9. I would like to be sure this is a hobby that will stick for a bit.) I think she'll be good at it -- I'll see if I can figure out how to attach a photo of how she "bricked" the inside of the fireplaces by sponging off a second layer of paint. Here are our current dilemmas: Inexpensive lighting? specifically for a half scale house? Staircases or a pull-down attic ladder for under $15? Any other tips about how to keep this hobby reasonably inexpensive would be hugely helpful! Thank you! edit: Here's a picture of her fireplace insides!
  18. JaimeG

    Little Round Rug

    From the album: Makin' Minis

    Little rug made from decorative twine a mailing label and some cardstock.

    © J. Girard

  19. As I am a Snowbird, now in our winter home in Florida, I had to leave the Pierce dollhouse that I was working on back north in Canada. I've not been idle however I thought I would work on some furnishings to inspire me when I return to the main construction in the spring. Here is a baby crib I've just completed. I still have to dress it, but I thought I would share what I've done so far.
  20. From the album: Sugarplum Dollhouse

    Well, kitchenette is almost there. And I have to say I love the sink and faucet. The Dura Clear Gloss Barnish is fantastic. For anyone who is somewhat creative, I recommend 100% creating your very own custom kitchen. It's time consuming but so rewarding. Don't think I would ever buy a kitchen setup.....maybe a fridge or stove, but not the cabinetry
  21. Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My name is Mish. I've always been a miniaturist but took a long break and now I'm back. I grew up as a young girl surrounded by dollhouses and miniatures. My parents owned a successful miniature business when I was growing up. My two sons gave me several DIY 1:25 dollhouse rooms for Christmas. This gave me the bug. I happened upon this site because today I managed to snag a new sugarplum dollhouse from a local site for $15. I'm blown away by all the beautiful work in the gallery. I'm really looking forward to exploring every area of this site.
  22. So, my day started awesome: i don't believe in coincidence! Now i'm starting to focus again on dollhouse making and really am going for it, i now stumbled at the magazine shop, at the first two parts of a weekly Dutch magazine, were you will build piece by piece your own dollhouse and you receive nice furniture and other little accessories. Scale 1:12. The hous is more like a German chalet/cabin, but it's very cute. They say it will come in 100 parts! Part 1 was only 2 euros and i received already a porcelaine bath and some tiny accessories and part two was 5 euros and brought a heavy metal stove and some pans with it. The next parts will always be 10 euros. You can take a subscription or buy it a your local shop. If you take a subscription, you'll receive with certain parts, free lamps and the wiring system. I wonder if it is worth the money. Maybe you guys can check it out? That would be great. Of course it is in Dutch, but you can see the pics no? If you pay 11 euro/part, you can have the little veranda/porch to add to your house, but i think that is expensive (will be a 100 euros in the end for just the porch) and don't really think it is worth his while...I'm quite sure i will go for it. this is the site: http://www.uw-poppenhuis.nl/ this is a small vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jt_sozUFV8
  23. From the album: Starving Artist

    Now that Vincent has been mucking about in his studio a little more, he needs a place to wash up and clean his brushes when he uses acrylics or watercolors. Read a little about Vincent over the weekend and decided that I went back in time and brought him to Cape Cod right after the ear incident. There, the sound of the waves pounding on the shore quieted his troubled spirit and he now paints and sculpts in peace
  24. WyckedWood


    From the album: Holly Cottage by WyckedWood

    I Christmas~ified a plain wooden chair with handpainting, a seat cushion and a sprig of greenery tied with raffia, and a red tree ornament added.

    © K.L. 2014

  25. WyckedWood

    chair cushion

    From the album: Holly Cottage by WyckedWood

    I love this fabric, so cute.

    © K.L. 2014

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