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Found 25 results

  1. I completed construction of the kit yesterday, but today I finished the last item of decoration, the stove. I marked on the back piece where the oven box would go and glued on the sides. When they were dry I painted the back between the sides & the adjacent sides ultramarine blue. I mixed black with the ultramarine and painted the rest of the foamboard stove parts with it. I had cut down some of the half-shingles to make a top and glued them to the back, and just below it I glued a piece of stripwod to hold the upper grill shelf. I painted the razor package with two coats of blac
  2. I decided to take interior pictures for my friend to get some ideas for finishing the house. Because of the privacy wall I had to figure a different treatment for the balustrade. Then I decided to "lend" some little people & furnishings for The Tour: In the kitchen we have the family daughter at the utility closet door. The white wire table & chairs are from a $ store, the teapot is off the top of a spoon I found at Wal Mart, the basket of apples is a mini "housewarming" gift from me, and the rest of the things in the kitchen are how-to'd in other parts of this blog. Ma
  3. I finished the roof with a last row of half-shingles at the apex. Once everything was good & dry I pounced a gray wash over the chimney bricks followed by swiping a damp wad of tissue over them. I mixed the gray ten parts white to one part gray and diluted it 300% with water. After I did the chimney I added a miniscule touch of ultramarine blue and cut the wash with another hefty bit of water and washed the shingles with it. It gives a silvery gray overlay of the cherry stain, which helps considerably. I have measured for the oven box on a scrap of foamboard and scribed a door and made
  4. I have been shingling today. All that cherry stain is overwhelming, I shall have to calm it down with a gray wash & some sponging, which I'll do along with the chimney. Speaking of the chimney, I went back & popped off the shingles covering where the chimney went and installed it. The shingling is going so smoothly on this house I got into a "zone" <_< I cut out a piece of foamboard for the stove back and used some of the scrap ends of shingles for the top trim. I've installed the stripwood for the upper grill shelf support. I have no black spray paint, so I may try bru
  5. I had to perform a partial amputation on the verge over the porch balcony, it wouldn't fit like in the picture.This morning I bricked the chimney. It needs drybrushing, which I'll do later.I stained the scalloped shingles with the cherry stain & laid down a course of them, and so far I really like the color. Something I'm trying different this time is to run a strip of aluminum foil "flashing" down the roof seam under the shingles.I also rehung the front bay shingles nearest the porch, they had canted apart slightly at the top.complements of havanaholly
  6. I installed the "faucet" & "taps" on the bathtub first thing. Then I dry-fit the roof and newspapered the attic portion. I also painted the bathroom portion over the left wall, but painted the corner where the other side of the left attic roof joins the front of the roof over the porch in situ . I'm going to leave the bedroom portion white & call it part of the ceiling. I assembled & painted the chimney, and will begin to brick it later. I cut down the Gillette razor pack and primed it with clear nail enamel. I also cut my grills from a plastic fruitbasket and painted t
  7. Today I finished the interior trim. The red trim really looks good in the kitchen and the bedroom colors seem to go together. The bathroom is sort of monochromatic, but once I get the fixtures in there it may look better. I have one more complaint about the assembly. If, when I was originally building & installing the stairs I had known how the banister posts/ newels went I would have done them first thing in case there were cosmetic problems that could be corrected with spackle/ wood putty. Installing them at the end, so to speak, involves contortions of hands from the back of the hou
  8. Today I finished the windows for the livingroom. Because of the window seat I had to perform surgery on the interior bay window frames. The interior bay windows are awkward to install and I had to do one of them twice. I "hung" the wall cabinet in the bathroom. After three tries it's still not straight, and all three times it was perfectly straight when I taped it in place; DH says it's just as well, perfection makes the gods angry <_< ; I told him I wasn't trying to make it perfect, just hang straight! Maybe once the lavatory is set up below it it won't look so bad, or I'll be re
  9. Oho, I just thought the punchout decorations for the porch were fiddly! The porch balcony railing is tinier & therefore fiddlier; fortunately for the recipient & my few remaining shreds of sanity the plywood behaved itself and everything popped out that was supposed to, & nothing popped off that wasn't supposed to, and I didn't bash anything to splinters with my hammer.The balcony rails are all glued together, painted & installed along with the last two bits of corner molding. I really, really like the balcony railings, especially those above the bay windows. Personally I th
  10. Today I removed & prepped the porch pieces and happily the plywood stayed intact. As there is beaucoup fiddly trim on these it's a very good thing. I really like the design of the porch for this house, with the front & back posts to give dimension to them. I had already primed these pieces on the sheets, so I gave everything a good sanding and glued the post & trim pieces together for the front & sides of the porch. Then I painted one side of the porch pieces and whilst they dried I gave the attic window walls another coat of white paint. After the first side of the porc
  11. I measured about 2/3 of an individual serving yogurt cup of white interior latex paint into a clean, empty glass jar with a lid and then added royal blue until I got a light blue and I painted the first course of siding with it. When it dried it looked snow-white, so I added what I thought was nearly half again as much blue as the original amount of white and when I got to a bilious bluish-white I quit and put a coat on the left wall before I went to bed last night. This morning the wall was a lovely light blue, so I painted a second coat on the left wall and a first coat on all the others.
  12. I find siding to be a lot like shingling, very relaxing. I am finishing up the back partial walls at this time. It is really easy using the EZ Cutter, the roof slope appears to be a 60 degree angle. I had to make foundation trim for the back partial walls. There is a side of a plywood sheet that is the correct width and was perfect, I cut one for each side and put two coats of royal blue on them and glued them so the right & left wall foundations trim pieces butted to them. Then I could lay my first course of siding and measure increments from there. The spring clamps work ve
  13. For the past two and a half days I've been fighting the "good fight" with the trim pieces, especially the *#%%**##!! trim for the shutters. Sealing the wood first DOES NOT HELP! My suggestion to the good do-bes at Greenleaf is to try to use the really good plywood that appears in the newer kits for the dies that include any trim with right angled elements and punchouts, because more than one of the total 18 shutter trim pieces had layers shatter & go flying off all over the floor. Because the lady who wants this house wants it the way it looks on the box I crawled around the floor after
  14. Yesterday was errands & an evening canoe & kayak club meeting in Tallahassee & this morning was mentoring in the HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed) program at our largest elementary school. In between I've been painting all the exterior trim even though I'm going to side before installing corner & window trim. Why paint the trim now? Because I'm going to use the royal blue trim color to tint a good bit of white paint to get the shade of light blue that will "match" the dark blue trim color. Like I said, this house isn't for me...I went ahead and applied the foundation trim
  15. I painted the bays and foundation white, also the door. I removed & sanded all the exterior window & door trim and sanded it and assembled the double window top trim and hoods for the non-bay windows. Next I gave all the trim & windowsills two coats of royal blue paint. I found a few more discrepancies between piece names in the instructions vs. what's on the schematic sheet, someone with a bit of time might want to go through them and coordinate. I glued the exterior door trim to the door and it pops. I then traced the exterior trim over the openings on the house and d
  16. This morning I started out by wallpapering the bedroom (above the livingroom, where the front door is) and was reminded once more why I loathe dollhouse wallpaper; it stretches and ripples far worse than its 1:1 counterpart. And tear when trimming! I made a bathroom privacy wall so any little person coming upstairs wouldn't immediately find himself in the bathroom with who-knows-what going on. I cut two pieces of foamboard 8" high and one piece the width of the staircase opening from the wall (short dimension) and the other piece the length of the stairwell + 1/4" (width of the foamboar
  17. I glued kitchen paper on the closet top. While the glue dried I installed the back of the closet with its shelves. The closet back is a piece of foamboard and the shelves are two tongueblade-width and two popsiclestick-width craftstick pieces with the very narrow craftsticks cut for shelf supports. When the glue dried I installed the closet top. I took it out, pulled off the carefully trimmed paper and applied a new piece with some "lap". When I reapplied the closet top it looked much better. I installed the closet wall. I painted the right bay roof and the inside right bay wi
  18. I spent some of the morning picking up itsy bits of sandpaper off of the floor when the pan I had the leftovers in spilled; then I spent the rest of the morning cutting out more of them. I glued the first course of "bricks" across the bottom edge of the front opening and then up & down from there. Going around the corners was interesting. After that "bricking" the back was easy-peasy. Cutting the tiny bits of sandpaper stressed the arthritis in my hands, so for breaks I Installed the left wall and the partial left and right back walls, and papered the lower partial right back wall.
  19. I painted the closet wall trim red and installed the doorknob on the closet door. I papered the staircase wall and applied the trim after finishing giving it two coats of the red paint. I then painted the banister portion of both sides of the center partition white. When it was dry I painted the lower fourth of the livingroom wall hunter green. When that was dry I applied a wallpaper border mural to that wall. I then papered the other side of the center partition to match the staircase wall & closet wall. The paper has scattered clusters of wee strawberries. I've used this pap
  20. I remembered all the prior contortions of assembling stairs in the dark days before I got my gluing jig as I set up to do the stair assembly in the jig. First I stacked the treads & risers into sets of six and put them in the vise and sanded them so that all four edges of each one were smooth, even & all the same size, TA-DA! I glued the risers on and then the treads. Then I gave the steps a final coat of walnut stain. While the staircase was drying I took some very skinny craftsticks and cut them to make trim for the kitchen closet door & wall so I can use my infamous
  21. I finished removing & prepping the rest of the pieces listed for Part A and realized I had to decorate the second floor ceiling (flip side of the attic floor). There were also some slots to be removed and I was ready to begin. While there's a lot more of the slot-sliding to fit this one together, the slots slide really swell without having to hammer them into place (well, the first floor needed just the tiniest tap to convince it to go where it was supposed to <_< ). As soon as I was happy with the dry fit I glued the few places the instructions said I could glue. Once the
  22. I finished staining & sealing.With the instructions in hand I began with Part A, Step 1 to R&P the parts needed for Part A; as I removed each piece from its respective plywood sheet I checked it off the instruction sheet list with a pencil, prepped it by sanding the edges (much splinterier than the Arthur or Glencroft, guys) and replacing the occasional bit of ply that went flying (this batch is a bit on the brittle side); I had to fill a spot with wood putty because the missing piece had vanished, and I had one wall that one side was groovy in a not-good sense & I filled those wit
  23. Apparently while I was scribing & staining & then labeling I completely forgot about the fact that the attic has a FLOOR.Today I finished priming everything I'm going to paint, paper or otherwise cover, I used the can of Krylon I used on my last two Buttercups; the stuff goes on thick as gel and spreads & fills like anything.I stained the stair treads & risers walnut, I have a few that missed getting masked and have been primed, on one side, so if I use them low it oughta be OK; I'll also stain over the primer.Anyway, I was looking at what was done and LO! There was that naked
  24. I finished scribing the "floorboards" and punching the nailholes and stained them maple. They look nice. While the stain was still tacky I put on a coat of lacquer & when it's all dry I'll "sand" it with a brown paper bag to see how I like it.Next I sat down with the schematic sheet and the roll of masking tape and marked each piece. Tedious? Absolutely, but I found some things to make notes about and to familiarize myself with the parts & where they are.First, I noticed that the roof parts are not labeled "roof", they appear to be "gables".Second, there are corner trim pieces that
  25. At last! I opened the box and took inventory and put all the plywood sheets into numerical order so I can find them without having to look all over for the numbers.I began reading over the instructions, I'll have to do the first read in increments. Meanwhile I studied the schematics and the photos to decide on rooms.A friend claimed this one before I ever got the box opened and has let me know some of the details she wants, so this will be the first house I have ever built to anyone's specs but my own. It should be an interesting ride.I began prep by measuring for & scribing the floorbo
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