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  1. Peachie


    I've been building a Vermont farm house.
  2. Hi, I know its been a long time but I've been pulling out things to start building again. Real life took a toll on me for a while. With the loss of several family members and losing my boyfriend who passed away.
  3. I'm thinking of using the Primrose I can build to it later.
  4. I'm wanting to do a shop for my son...any suggestions...think I should do it in a box or dollhouse? Any input would be helpful.
  5. welcome back....I wished I could say I was coming back...but don't foresee it...I do have alot of things that will be for sale later...
  6. I have one and my dr. recommend I have it removed.
  7. Wolfie so sorry to here of your losses...keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...hugs
  8. Welcome back Nutti, I keep up with what you're doing on f/b...I've been on here for about a week or so looking at all the builds...
  9. Hi everyone, I've had some health issues but doing fairly well...I've lost alot of weight...but staying positive about everything...my niece was going through my dollhouse things...she was saying she would like to build a dollhouse I told her I have one if she wants to build it...I have put all my dollhouse things in storage...I miss all of you and miss building dollhouses...
  10. We've had a mild winter, we've had a couple of snows...we've had temps down in the single digits a couple times...
  11. Hi everyone, been looking at the eye candy and enjoying it...miss working on minis...just stopping by to say hi and miss all of you...
  12. I will continue to keep Dee in my prayers for a speedy recovery...she was one of the first one to welcome me to the forum...Michelle could you send me a private email with her address I would like to send her a card....
  13. Michelle, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers...and I hope she gets well real soon...tell her family I'm keeping them in my prayers also....
  14. thanks everyone...just stopping by to say hi and that I miss all of you...
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