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  1. Also a great idea---I'll look into that. I now see that the roofs should be some kind of painted-over texture, and all of you have given me some great ideas of where to get such textures. Thanks!
  2. Both look very real---and if Otter Cove ever goes on Airbnb, I'd like to stay there for a weekend! Thanks a lot.
  3. Yes, actually you---so thanks! I guess it was wood then.
  4. Interesting---I just looked at it. It's a good effect that doesn't call attention to itself. What did you use for the edging?
  5. Thanks for the information! Yes, somehow sandpaper would feel more convincingly waterproof than just painting it a flat color...
  6. Some late Victorian houses had square towers with flat tops---does anyone know what the tops of these were covered with? I guess I could ask the same question about widows' walks in earlier houses. Would it be wood planks on top of some kind of metal? Or tarred wood? I'd love to see pictures of real life or miniature versions.
  7. halfscale

    Persian Table Carpet

    This looks like a treasure from a real-life museum! Wonderful.
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