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    I have been a woodworker for over 30 years, I also enjoy scrapbooking and I now have two jewelry website shops. Beading is very relaxing for these old hands of mine.

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  1. Brenb


    I am finally able to get back into this site, It's been over a year since you commented on my Arthur. Thank you very much! Bren
  2. I've been a woodworker for 32 years and a mini builder for only 1 year. So I really don't know what I am, lol. I do love the contruction of the house, but I also like to make the little things too.
  3. Brenb


    You have done a beautiful job!
  4. Brenb

    Tee hee hee

    They are adorable, you did a great job. Thanks for sharing this great hint!
  5. She is adorable. Love the kitchen too.
  6. You've done a wonderful job so far! It looks great!
  7. Great job! It looks wonderful!
  8. Brenb

    My farmhouse

    Great job, I love the wallpapers you've used.
  9. It's a beautiful house. A bit over done on the inside, can you imagine dusting that place, Yikes! I love the blue glass in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. They look great! You did a wonderful job on them.
  11. Brenb


    Westville from start to finish
  12. It's beautiful! Wow. Thanks for sharing this.
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