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  1. Debra--it looks gorgeous! what a great idea. I LOVE the plants you used and the arbor over the front door--perfect!
  2. Thanks guys! I have a bunch of leftover thicker shingles from my sugarplum years ago...the wood is lighter in color, I may try staining the kit-included ones plus my leftovers and mix em for a more textured look. I ran out of stone and had to order another bag for my chimney, but those stones are AWESOME. I got the brown ones, which are a bit too pink, if I had it to do over I would have gotten the brown and gray mix. But...save for windows, shingles, and a few bits of interior trim--its almost done. More pictures soon I promise.
  3. This is an awesome HUGE log cabin dollhouse, and my parents actually have the same cabin that it was based on. I sent it out on my Christmas wish list, maybe santa will bring it! http://cgi.ebay.com/LOG-CABIN-DOLL-HOUSE-C...A1%7C240%3A1318
  4. ok great...Im going to give them a shot, try to stain them sort of a weathered color. I really wanted to do a slate roof but Im running out of time (and money) for this project...Ive only got three weeks until I might have a niece to give it to. (If I end up with two nephews Im keeping it for myself and will add the slate later!)
  5. Butterfly....YES! It is a tough house! On the bright side, I didnt anticipate that it would be, but now that Im close to done, I feel like I could take on bigger challenges next time. Has anyone used the shingles that come WITH the Glencroft? Ideally, Id like to use slate, but thats not in the budget right now. (If I end up keeping it for myself, it, along with my kitchen addition, may come later) The ones that came with are so thin...I fear they would curl if I tried to stain or paint them.
  6. scoring it is a great idea...I think Ill do that.
  7. well...I cant get the curved roof to "lay down" Tried hot glue...it just popped back off. Tried the brad nailer...no luck there either. The clamps I have are the wrong size to work there... so I ordered some of the ones HBS has. And since I was placing an order anyway (famous last words) I went ahead and ordered some stones...
  8. wenlaine---yours is gorgeous! My REAL house is basically the same front elevation as the Country House...only I would have to bash the front door to be to the left of the octagon window (which my real house has). Where the two front windows are is my garage door, which I would not do of course, but just moving the door location and painting it the same color, it would be a dead ringer! If anyone ever sees one for sale, or Greenleaf re-releases, please let me know.
  9. Now I searched last night...and didnt find that! (Does search not go through the galleries?) Beautiful! I hope they do...Ill snap up the first copy. Even the inside...I can see how easily I could turn it into a mini version of my own place.
  10. I came across an image of the old "Country House" last night...and I have to have one. WIth just a wee bit of bashing, it could be a dead ringer for my real house. How long has it been discontinued? Anyone have more photos? And if you ever see one for sale...let me know!
  11. thats ok...Ive got some hot glue, liquid nails, and wood glue. SOMETHING will hold it together. LOL! ts looking good though...this is the first real problem (not counting my inability to read directions where wall F was concerned)
  12. Yeah I think so...the "swoopy" piece of roof over the front door seems like it could only fit the way I tried it... Im concerned, now that I cut the tabs off, that that piece(which is so critical that it fit tight) wont!
  13. gosh I didnt even think of just cutting off the tabs. duh! LOL! thanks!
  14. The roof is going on...so far so good...UNTIL... the gable on the left side (as you face the front of the house). The holes in both sides do not line up with the tabs on the wall. (see the picture) They seem to be off by over a 1/4 inch... What to do? Pull the wall out to make it fit, even though that means it will be crooked? Cut new holes and fill the old ones? Pull the wall out and then do some sort of filler strip to close the gap? (The wall in question is the peaked wall over the window seat in the bedroom)
  15. Great! I hoped that was what I was stumbling across... Im gonna get some.
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