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  1. I want Santa to send me a metric conversion calculator (never was good at math). Do you have one? What brand? Do you like it? Is it easy to use? If I'm online I use the online converters. But I can't count the number of times I've been with a mini-friend and the question comes up ...... how many inches is 132mm?? duh!
  2. I was searching EBay for instructions for my Model Homes brand dollhouse - didn't find them - but I found a seller who says he has 40 different DuraCraft model kit instructions available for $5.99 + $1.50 shipping. And you don't have to bid on them - they are "But It Now". Go to EBay and search for dollhouse+instructions and you'll find them.
  3. Thanks Sherry. I sent off a request on that website for instructions. Fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks for the tip about Dura Craft kits. They are out of business but they were a big company so I might be able to find some info on their kits. I tried that builders forum but got the same error message you did. I've built other kits but hadn't seen one with this type of construction. Eventually I may figure it out if I stare at the photo on the box long enough. But there are sooooooo many pieces of stuff in this box!
  5. I picked this kit up at a garage sale. Never opened & everything sealed inside - but no instructions. Does anyone have instructions for this kit or another by Model Homes that might get me started on assembling it? It has what I'd call "tongue & groove" assembly and looks like a simple method; I just don't know where to begin.
  6. Hi Sharon and welcome! I get excited when I see a new member from Colorado in the forum. I'm in Durango myself. Used to live in Aurora and caught my mini-bug directly from David at Norm's Dollhouse. I'm finishing up the last room of my 11-room victorian (The Georgetown designed by David Nielson) - then it's on to landscaping a yard about 3'x3' complete with gazebo, croquet and horseshows, and a zillion flowers. Big ideas - hope I can do it! No, that's wrong - I KNOW I CAN DO IT!! If I get stuck, I'll get help right here in the forum, right guys & gals?? You should plan on attending the Denver Show in September if you haven't already. It's great fun! But you won't be able to avoid catching the mini-bug if you do. I started the Four Corners Miniatures Club a couple years ago. "Four Corners" is a spot near here where you can actually stand in 4 states at one time - CO/AZ/UT/NM It's pretty neat! Our website is www.4cornersminis.com Check it out!
  7. We are a club in Durango Colorado - that's in the SW corner of this beautiful state. I started the Four Corners Miniatures Club 2 years ago and we now have 7 members. Check out our website www.4cornersminis.com and let me know if you live out this way. We'd love to meet you!!
  8. I think it would be nice if new members mentioned the state they live in. Who knows? a new member could be a neighbor you haven't met! I was lucky enough to make a new friend through the forum because she knew I lived in Durango CO - and she was less than an hour away! If we hadn't mentioned where we lived, we never would have discovered each other out there. Welcome to all the new members!!
  9. The Four Corners Miniatures Club got started last August. We're looking for more members, so if you live out this way (near Durango Colorado) please get in touch with me. And here's our brand new website! www.4cornersminis.com You can see photos of our projects online, and we'll be adding more pix real soon.
  10. As everyone else is saying...........you'll know the right house when you see it. I, too, had never done anything like this before - and my first house is an 11 room victorian open in the back with a front-opening side. I did all the tape wiring and it works and everything...lol. We can do anything!! Just have patience learning new things, and it will be your dream house. My house is a work-in-progress, but I just set up a website for our mini-club and there are photos of my house there. Look in the Creating section and then click on Marilyn's Minis. Oh, and welcome to the forum!!
  11. I'm pretty sure I'll be at the Sturbridge show - all the way from out in the Wild West of Colorado! My daughter lives in Thompson CT and we're trying to schedule my visit to coincide with the show (of course!). I'll let you know if we work it out and we'll find each other. Looks like your an Audrey Hepburn fan......you'll notice my "photo". I love Cary Grant!!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a new member to this forum, but not new to mini's. I've been working away for the past 5 years on an 11 room Victorian dollhouse. Decided if I was going to join this hobby, I might as well start big! I retired a year ago so now the house interior design is moving along at a decent clip. NEWS FLASH!! I live in Durango CO and I just started a club in the SW area of Colorado. It's known locally as the Four Corners Area - so our club name is the Four Corners Miniatures Club. We have 6 members so far and we're having a ball getting to know each other and learning from each other. Is there anyone out there who lives within 1.5 hour drive of Durango? We'd love to meet you! I'm sure looking forward to getting to know others on the forum.
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