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  1. Tks!!! Yeah jaurb, I am very partial to it myself!!!
  2. I use it because I just plain don't want to paint the ceiling! It never comes out nice enough for me! So I opt to cover with paper, textured or plain depends on the house...
  3. The style of the house is going to be "shabby-chic"/eclectic...so a hodge-podge of designs with a very feminine touch. I think I will stick with the #3 for my study...(the 2nd bedroom will be more of an office-y area). I made my decision and I wallpapered...I put up the picture in the gallery so you can see what I decided to do.
  4. Thanks! I like it alot too... It's going to be "shabby-chic"/ecletic, so I think this helps add to that feeling...
  5. I am currently working on a 1/2scale Fairfield, and plan to fill it with all my Miss Lydia Pickett furniture kits/decorate it in a shabby-chic style... soo excited!
  6. So no-one likes #3 huh? That was my favorite too... I guess I'll put it in my study... I like the stripes and the print...I think I will lean towards all stripes...
  7. Could I do the stripes, and then put the darker green inside the sticky-out bay area? Or is that too many "prints"?
  8. The only thing stopping me is the $! It's rather $$ (in my book) for this wallpaper, $2 per sheet)... plus a $6 flat rate to ship it... I don't have #3 in a stash, so I can't compare...but I can set up #1&#2 to see how they would look...
  9. Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time deciding on my kitchen wallpaper... I was wondering if you all could help? Option #1 - Green Stripes Option #2 - Solid-y Green Option #3 - *If it matters, (because you can see the kitchen through the dining room, or maybe they should coordinate)... the dining room is going to be half this, half solid ivory, (or the stripes if thats not in the kitchen)
  10. P.S. I'm sure that people will share tutorials on how to DIY your own bricks/stones and fences...
  11. Well, I think (without name dropping) that if you did a google search for either miniature stores, brick and mortar locations, or internet sites or try auction houses like Ebay, I know you will find what you are looking for. That's how I have found a lot of items that I have been looking for, via internet searches.
  12. Well, on my current project I've got all the Miss Lydia Pickett furniture already through a club where I paid a set amount each month. The kit, the lights, the extras will add to the budget. I also prefer the nicer wallpaper than the internet printed or scrapbook papers, so I will spend a little extra to get something better. It's more than I actually want to spend on a dollhouse...but in the long run I will be happy.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!!
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