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  1. Heidi, you always make me feel like I have nothing to do.

    I'm off to the library to finalize everything we need for our fundraiser walk (Walk for Literacy) tomorrow. I need to get my car loaded up with the t-shirts and signs and any baked goods that have been dropped off since the library is closed tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too hot in the morning. I baked brownies for the bake sale we are having at it.

    Then I will need a nap I'm sure. I have spent the week starting to share my good news--I'm pregnant. :) So my days have been filled with many needed naps in the afternoon. I run my errands or whatever I need to do in the morning and then try to sleep for a bit before either tutoring or cooking dinner.

  2. I was a child. I remember going to Old Sturbridge Village (in Mass.) and they had all the old miniatures--flour sack, butter churner, cradle with wooden doll (I still have one of these), wooden bowls. We had a collection and a doll collection. Whenever my grandparents went away they brought us back dolls, so we had dolls from around the world. We also were able to buy UNICEF dolls from Africa at our church. I remember saving up for them. The dolls and miniatures usually stayed in the curio cabinet though. Sometimes I would take them out and play with them.

    My best friend had a dollhouse her father made her and we played with it all the time. I don't know at what age she got it though. (We've "known" each other since we were 6 months old.)

  3. I just invaded my mother's fabric stash--very huge. I tried the quarter and it is actually smaller than my pieces. I guess it is just your photo or the fact that I'm hemming them. Oh, well. I'm off to cut more circles from my mother's fabric. (This is what she gets for leaving her quilting studio alone for almost a year. :welcome: )

  4. After trying a few with hems and without, I have decided I like them with hems. I have gotten better at hemming them as well. It definitely took a few times to get them right.

    The kit I bought said the circles should be an inch in diameter. I found that was roughtly the size of tracing a water bottle cap. I'm going to make a few from my own fabric as well. They seem smaller than half an inch or at least smaller than Kat's. I'm off to sew some more.

  5. 99 cents?! Lucky you! The only one I saw was the buy it now at $11.99 that Jennifer posted. I looked and looked but all I saw were finished quilts. I made four yo-yos and then I had to lay down. This is going to be a long process. I'm interested in seeing what was included in your kit. Was everything pre-cut?

    my yo-yo quilt kit purchase

    Here is the link to my purchase. Now I don't see anymore on ebay but for awhile she had several. The kit came with many cut circles, a template, instructions and a backing and pillow like the picture. I haven't really looked at it too much yet. I'll probably work on it later in the week when I'm away from home.

    Oh, wait!! I just found another listing here. I found it by viewing other items from the seller who is namesakedoll.

  6. Have you started yours yet? It might be fun to work together (in an internet -two thousand miles apart- kind of way). I've been really sick; my boss always comes in with some new cold and flu so he can pass it on to me. This last bout was a real doozy. I figure I can work on this in bed while I recuperate.

    I haven't started yet. I just got the kit yesterday, but the seller has more on ebay. I got mine for 99 cents plus shipping. I have seen several more listed. I'm up for doing it together. I'm going to be taking care of my sister later in the week and will need something to do in CT. (She is going in to get her tonsils out and I'm her driver/care giver.)

  7. I just got a kit for a mini yo-yo quilt. I haven't read the directions in detail yet, but you need to cut circles, then have a cardboard pattern to put each circle on and I think fold the edges down and sew a running stitch along the edge and then into the center. (This is where I'm not totally sure on the details.) I'll have to look it up again unless someone else has more knowledge.

  8. Ok, since I never did a new member introduction I will do it here.

    First good luck and congratulations to Holly!

    For the most part I love anything crafty. I love scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, cross stitching, making cards and computer graphics (cards, calendars, albums, etc.). My sisters and I always collected miniatures and when I was in middle school my mother and I built my first house for all of our furniture. Unfortunately when my parents downsized they gave the house to some cousins who didn't take care of it well and it is no longer around. Since then, I have started two of my own with all the things I couldn't have in my first one--lights that work, flooring, wallpaper, etc. My problem is that I enjoy the interior decorating too much and tend to stop once I can put the furniture in. I also like to garden, but haven't really done much with it this year.

    I am recently married. It will be 2 months next week and still adjusting to the changes that come with marriage. As a result of our marriage, I have moved to a different part of the area around Boston and quit my job as a high school math teacher. So I am going through many adjustments and have more time on my hands than I should. Since my craft room isn't completely set up (my mother-in-law is moving out tomorrow so I'll have more space for it) I haven't really done much of my crafts and have discovered this forum to be great for getting me through some hard times.

    In my other free time I like to spend time with my husband and my cat. I also love to go out with my friends.

    I also collect snow globes, teapots and Cats Meow Village houses from places I've been or lived. My husband collects model boats and lighthouses and magnets. One of our challenges has been to fit everything into our house.

    I actually found this forum searching for Bayberry Cottage instructions and people were great to respond to my need right away. Valerie sent them to me that day. Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and supportive.

    So that is my life in a nutshell.


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