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  1. Heidi, you always make me feel like I have nothing to do.

    I'm off to the library to finalize everything we need for our fundraiser walk (Walk for Literacy) tomorrow. I need to get my car loaded up with the t-shirts and signs and any baked goods that have been dropped off since the library is closed tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too hot in the morning. I baked brownies for the bake sale we are having at it.

    Then I will need a nap I'm sure. I have spent the week starting to share my good news--I'm pregnant. :) So my days have been filled with many needed naps in the afternoon. I run my errands or whatever I need to do in the morning and then try to sleep for a bit before either tutoring or cooking dinner.

  2. I was a child. I remember going to Old Sturbridge Village (in Mass.) and they had all the old miniatures--flour sack, butter churner, cradle with wooden doll (I still have one of these), wooden bowls. We had a collection and a doll collection. Whenever my grandparents went away they brought us back dolls, so we had dolls from around the world. We also were able to buy UNICEF dolls from Africa at our church. I remember saving up for them. The dolls and miniatures usually stayed in the curio cabinet though. Sometimes I would take them out and play with them.

    My best friend had a dollhouse her father made her and we played with it all the time. I don't know at what age she got it though. (We've "known" each other since we were 6 months old.)

  3. Leah, I have a few more things to do to my Brookwood, but there are many pictures in my gallery. I made mine into a beach house. I will give you the advice I found most helpful. Dry fit everything before doing anything. The chimney is extremely important to building the whole house so you want to make sure whatever you do to it, it will fit together exactly.

    When I asked specifically if the Willowcrest would ever be put out again, I was told it was on the list for the re-releasing (like the Washington was), but there were several in front of it. Dean also asked how I like the Brookwood because he has been considering putting it back in the line.

  4. Thanks, Cathy and Holly. I need to find time to get back to it. My life got a bit crazy with my volunteer position at the library. It should calm down next week though. Tomorrow is a big event in town and I just organized a table for it. We decided to do the table on Wednesday so I've been a bit crazy with it this week. Anyway, next week or Sunday I will focus on my beloved beach house again.

  5. Carrie, I just finished looking through your album. This house is going to be outstanding! Thank you for sharing the process with us. Watching the evolution is educational as well as entertaining.

    I have some of the green paper you used for the kitchen floor. What did you use on it to get that lovely gloss? I really like the paper because it shows "wear" ... just like a real linoleum floor, especially one that suffers sandy feet at the beach.

    Kathie, I used mod podge high gloss. I noticed the last time I was at Michaels that they had several scrapbook papers that made great floors and several had the worn look. I'm using a different one in the dining area as well. I finished painting and wallpapering the interior and installed lights today. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

    Thanks, everyone! Dh says this is his favorite of my dollhouses and told me I better keep this one. :)

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