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  1. Charlan

    Ceiling Detail

    Beautiful detail! Thanks for sharing...
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Charlan

    Open back trim

    Beautiful work as always... nice detail for the edges..
  4. Charlan

    Seating area

    The layering of elements on this is really nice... thanks for sharing!
  5. Charlan


    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  6. This is really gorgeous... love the dragon!
  7. Charlan

    DH pictures 042

    The wall and ceiling papers are great!
  8. This is a beautiful shot! Really inspiring work... thanks for sharing!
  9. This is really a beautiful project! Great work!
  10. Charlan

    Spring Fling 2012

    What a great design concept! This is a quite a realistic looking photo!
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