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  1. Yes the bathroom is not safe without cat lifeguards on duty. My babies would watch me in the shower with the horror fascination of a B movie fan.
  2. One of everything, your OK, three of everything you have a problem? Maybe!
  3. I don't know that cat looks wide eyed and a little stressed.
  4. The rats will not eat the eggs will they?
  5. Meme

    Happy Halloween!!

    Happy Halloween!
  6. Meme


    If I was real small could I live there please.
  7. Meme

    room addition

    It looks like a great ideal. I know you well enjoy it.
  8. Meme


    How they do love boxes!
  9. Meme

    Attic - right side

    She loved him so much that she could not do without HIM.
  10. Meme

    Bay window

    highter gress near the house were the old broken push mower didn't get new small trees try to go unnoticed mayby the old mower is still in the yard with a old brar rose bush trying to take over. Placeing longer grass ner base of house will help the house look a part of the landskape not flotting in plase. As allways your art is one I look for most when I visit here.
  11. Meme

    Tiny knitting

    That rug is darling! Good Job!
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