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  1. My favorate flower is the Hydrangea, my fave colors are orange and brown, and my fave foods are dinner foods.
  2. Grrrrrr.....I must have been really lucky I don't remember any fights boys or girls at my school, I graduated 1994. I did see a lot more girl on girl verbal attacks. I know in my daughters school there have been fights, the halls are monitered by video cameras. My daughter has been picked on by groups of girls but never in a fight. I know it is more violent now days, so I volenteer at my daughters school so I can be aware of how the kids are behaving, better to understand my daughter.
  3. lil buttah


    This one just cracks me up, I love these, they are really creative and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing these.
  4. My computer had problems, it wouldn't access the internet, was running funny and kept showing me a blue error screen and shutting off on me. I did a system recovery which restarted and reset my computer to a previous checkpoint and now it runs fine (whatever happened between the time I had the problem and the check point was deleted out of the system and I got my files and programing back to where it was). I have not had any problems since and it's been 2 months.
  5. Wow thanks Heidi!!! That's cool, so far it looks like a rebate for me and my kiddos!! We will use it for our trip to Washington D.C in August. Their are a few miniature things there I will check out. The Smithsonian has a miniature area I am told. I will also vist the textile museam, they have all kinds of information on textiles and you can make an appointment to use the database. I hope to go for a full week, I love it there.
  6. Ohhhh!!! And maybe for a Friday the 13th connection you could put a hockey mask in a room somewhere. Ohhhh and maybe a prom dress with blood on it for Carrie or Prom night (hmmmm.... maybe a lil too gory there maybe just a sparkly tiara sitting on a dresser *smiles)). I love horror films!!
  7. For the Nightmare on Elmstreet it would be cool to have a hatstand with his infamous brown beat up hat hanging from it and maybe a green and red sweater thrown on a chair next to it.
  8. Ewwwww...I don't like them either, but there so darn cute. My kids love them.......gross!! My mom likes them too but only if there stale and all hard, can it get any grosser then that....ewwwwwwww....(my daughter is reading over my shoulder at the moment " knock it off Emma" hahahahahaha)
  9. Is anyone going to watch Top Chef?!!!
  10. So sorry that it has come down to this, but your doing the right thing. If your sister is doing better with you then that's where she should be. I hope your talk with the lawyer goes well and that you can figure something out. Jennifer
  11. Chris was definately my pick *pout*. I want Christian to win now, Jillian whines way to much!! Hehehehehe!!! I love this show!!
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