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  1. lil buttah


    This one just cracks me up, I love these, they are really creative and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing these.
  2. Photos of the things I've made taking her classes on-line. They are really fun and easy.
  3. When I was a child a girl down the street had a doll house. She never played with it but her mom used to let me play with it by myself for hours, even when her daughter wasn't there, I think now that she was just glad someone appreciated it. Then 3 years ago I got a miniature catalog and was going to build me and the kids a house, after seeing the prices of stuff, I decided I could make some of it, Then I realized after making some of it that I could actually make most of it. Now I'm hooked, grrrrrr.....
  4. lil buttah


    I'm coming to dinner at your house *yum*
  5. Grrrrrrrrr......I started building the Buttercup and already made a boo-boo!!! I should have painted it first, now I have to take extra pains to get the window seat painted. But I am really trying to do a good job. I painted the interior in vanilla and the window sills in suede, I am only using a few windows from the kit and am going to try to paint the rest with wedding themes, doves, rings, ect. I really think this was a good choice of shop to do, I can do a lil bit of everything. The dress shop is going to be on the second floor, my boyfriend said I needed stairs, I told him to use his imag
  6. I painted the upstair window casings and they turned out ok, not quite professional looking but I like them, I'm to impatient to wait till I get new paint and brushes so I worked with what I had. I like it
  7. I found a name for my shop with help from everyone on the forum, especially Rosalind (Shy Spirit) and Gayle (bookmarm) whose names I combined. Thank you. My shops new name is "Wedding Belle's Bridal Boutique and Bakery" a big name for such a lil store but I think it will carry it well!!!!!!
  8. This is Belle, the owner of the shop. Her hands and feet are kinda big but I was having such a hard time with the clay, lol. I dressed her in gray felt and a skirt made of micro-suede. Here is another pic of my room with the doors on (no handles yet).
  9. I am starting to work on the tile for the cake side of the shop. I haven't decided if I'm going to grout it yet. LOL, I haven't even painted the outside of the shop yet and already I'm working on the inside. Oh well, it all makes since in my head. I hope to have pics of my finished tile up on monday along with my stucco ceiling. I will work on wood filling the outside next, and trying to decide what colors I want.
  10. I finally finished the tiles. I put tiles with gold entwined wedding rings surrounded by tiles with a glitter gloss coat. It isn't as even as I like but it looks better in person then on camera. I wll wait and see how it looks when finished with the carpet and such, if I decide I can't live with it I can always grout it and that will make it appear more even.
  11. So far I haven't had any really rude comments. When I started dating my boyfriend I kinda told him about my hobby, kinda. The problem was that was in April and I'm a mostly fall/winter miniaturists. Now I am so absorbed that I sometimes wake him up out of sleep to show him my works of art. Grrrrr.....he is so supportive though and he doesn't mind, yet lol. He is going to build me a OOAK house someday, or so he says. My dad who always is very negative about the things I start up surprised me. I told him about my miniatures and showed him some stuff I made and waited for him to say yep and walk
  12. lil buttah

    Autumn Pics

    Pictures of the fall in Michagan
  13. lil buttah


    I like this. It's definately something I will try!!
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