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  1. Oh Mike, Somhappy to see you around again, you have been missed And Nope one just can't go away from the minis just like that, for a while and a hiatus for a while Yep, but somehow the minis tend to nestle their way back in there again sometime... so looking forward to see whatever you might start to build as I know that it Will be eye candy deluxe hugs
  2. BIG hugs coming right back to you too! Cautious optimism yet on guard one might say over here, yes we are still in the midst of it all, but working through it and it is devastating for anyone and everyone losing loved to this virus so not trying to diminish anything but people are really (mostly atleast) trying their best with social distancing and keeping a as calm as possible mind set in it all. Hugs
  3. Indeed it does, yes there were initial shock waves of people "stocking" up on necessities, but not at all as awful as described and also not just because of the hoarding as suh, but because it does indeed take more of the disposable items at home if one spends more time more home instead of at work and for the higher ed students... It took a couple of weeks for the delivieries to re-plenish toiletpapers and such items. Then we have not had lock in but we have had very strict rules in regards of visiting our elders and old folks home/assisted living (hmm, now is there a better word for that) etc and daily press conferences keeping people upated, Stockholm has been the epicentre of the virus, not surprisingly either as it is a hub for people with air as well as boat etc and the winter holidays also affected a lot due to skie trips etc when peopla came home again, espeially from the areas around Ischgl. Afcourse the hospitals are under heavy pressure and the staff always to few but there has been a great will to help out from all around the comminities. Industries have been changing från what they might usually produce into producing sanitizing products to people using their 3D printiers for visirs and schools assembling the protection visirs as well as part of their practial ed. So yes in ways as all ver the world everyone are under preassure, companies are going bust and people losing their jobs, but there is still a positive ambience still somehow, everyone is coming together in this. Lots of initiatives for helping out the ones who cannot do the things they usually do and needs to get done. Afcourse the staff at the hospitals are tired and worn out understandably but in which country are they not in these times? There has been initiaves for creating courses for those who areinterested in taking on easier tasks within the nursing home and things like that which is great. We can also allready see that there has been a great upswing in people applying for nursing school/health related educations which is a new trend. Hugs
  4. Soo happy that the Forum is back again and to see the "family" again as well. Thank you for the upgrade work that I can imagine has been a lot of work to get everything in order. t sure has been missed during the hiatus but as I said in the toher thread we have had out time well filled with dealings connected to my FIL's health, not due to Covid but to his nelwy diagnoses osteoporosis with all that that has entailed and then my bonus Grandma (who lives just a few houses away from us on the same street) broke her femur a couple of months ago and has been through the wringer while healing, in and out of hospital, two feared instances of Covid but tested negative. So as FIL is not allowed to do any heavy lifting etc hubby and I have been fitting out Grandma's house as to make living there a bit easier so that has taken most of the time during evenings and weekends. For a while there we were unsure if she would ever be able to return home but we are happily celebrating (albeit by distance) that she did indeed come back home Wednesday this week. She is 96 this year and a true warrior by all account to dealing with two bouts of breathing and heart scares, added a round of the winter-flue she got as a small gift in hospital two operations etc etc... SO since last weekend there has been time to actually think and breath again and to enjoy time spent at home now both in mini-ing (but one can do a lot while sitting in waiting rooms as I have these boxes packed for travels otherwise) and taking care of the garden and our own home that has been put on hold for a while. As far as the andemic goes, as many of you might know Sweden hasn't had a lock down as such BUT there are restrictions and encourgaments as of common sens, all students in higher educations are following along in virtual/distance lessons and at home, elderly and people in risks are strongly advised to stay home, use online services etc etc so the picture some media are painting of Sweden going about business as usual is not correct at all. When possible we work from home and it is a very changed pattern of people around in business/cities etc. The digital possibiities has really escalated during these times so lots of meetings are now virtual and lots of business are changing how one can place purchases and be able to collect items without having to venture outside ones car etc.
  5. Soooo happy to see the forum back up again, missed my home away from home so to speak. But then again with the health situation (not realted to Covid -19) for my FIL and my bonus Grandma we have been on hiatus from most things for a while as we have been preparing Grandma's house for her so that it is more easy for her to live there while still recovering. But as the Covid situation has deleoped as well we have had some more "Home" time too, gaining the time otherwised used in commuting to work so I have been having fun mini-ing, weaving and making flowers, things that also has been geat to have along in the bag for waiting room sessions... Missed you all!
  6. Over here it is taco for dinner to sort of chae the palette from the Christs foods
  7. Anna

    Back "home" again

    FIL is back home again with Pain management as well as a change in his meds, Hoping that it Will help him better. He Feels so much better Now but he is tired which is no wonder in this whole experience. So happy right Now as he Looks and Sounds so much better.
  8. Anna

    Back "home" again

    Well, right Now I am sort of pacing the floors around home as FIL took a turn for the worse yesterday with excruciating pain in the abdominal area/lower back might be a, possible reaction of the meditations so after contact with media l advisors he got to the hospital and they are Now going though testing, testing and testing. Hubby is there along with MIL. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts but hard to foucs on anything in particular so to speak. Hugs
  9. Anna

    Back "home" again

    Minis have actually been my "keeping sane" zone for the duration of the year... As for FIL, he has shrunk over 2' but we are hoping that the rehab along with the treatment he will start come January (that includes needles and daily shots along with rehab) atleast over the duration of 18 months. We all hope that it will work for him as it has really been a painful year for him dealing with this. As it somewhat heriditary my husband will be tested to see if he has tendencies as well (so far it feels like he might be clear from as he has had his share of bike accidents without broken bones so to speak) So right now I am really looking forward to vacation starting Monday
  10. Anna

    Back "home" again

    Well, My FIL have had a rough year in and out of Pain managing with no explanation to start with, Now they have found that he has 7(!) compressor vertabraes and that it is caused by osteoporosis (sp?) so that along with a change in direktion with My work as I am Now working with school development questions at the municipal which is a game chanser in many ways yet still the same, but I am Now working with fellow principal collegues as sort of a guide and deviil's advocate so to speak and DH has also have a change career wise as he and a collegue were offered to take over the fir, he has worked at for the last 20 years or something which they did as of October, so just a mish made of things really and in between just Trying to breath (ie doing minis) hugs
  11. Anna

    Back "home" again

    After a few hectic ges are settling in and I am also able to log on here again, Yay which Feels SO great. Have missed you all terribly, especially since mini-ing has been My lifeline in it all. Hugs
  12. Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing how it all come together!
  13. Anna

    Dressing screen

    Fabulous work, Now I want one in real life just because
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