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  1. Great looking house. You did a great job with such a small space!
  2. Tamiya makes some pretty good tape also.....shorter roles though: http://www.tamiyausa.com/articles/feature.php?article-id=222
  3. Crotalus

    Rayla's Farmhouse

    Build pictures for Real Good Toys Victoria's Farmhouse
  4. Welcome sir. Will stay tuned to see what you build for the young-ins!
  5. Welcome Rachel-Beth, there sure are alot of MO. folks on this site. GO TIGERS!
  6. Thanks for all the tips. I might still pick up a bottle to see how it compares to other techniques. I've used the vinegar and steel wool mixture quite a bit and even have some stored on my workdesk....thanks for the links Casey.
  7. Has anyone had any experience or success using this product? http://www.micromark...fl-oz,7266.html I've had success using steel wool dissolved in vinegar to weather wood for some of my old west miniatures and thought this product might give more consistent results. Then I wondered how it would do on shingles.
  8. That is what the axe in my avatar is for!:w00t:
  9. 2nd the 100% silicone for this. It will be safe for electrical also, does not conduct electricity and lasts quite a while. I've seen nasty stuff from other glues reacting with electrical work over time .
  10. Anything that has to do with painting or sanding. To much prep and patience required. I like assembling things, building things. I'll put off sanding if the wind is blowing the wrong direction...anything to get out of it!
  11. Hi and welcome from a St. Louis transplant!
  12. Welcome Marti! Dollhouses for charity is a great idea.
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