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  1. You mean they Do stop?? j/k sweetie. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. But I'm sure everyone understands how it goes being without a car - it happens to us all sometimes. <hugs> -David ;)
  2. Oh man I'd totally forgotten about the cards - I tried that myself.. I don't think I was more than about 6 or 7.. we ended up buying the cards ourselves - good lesson though - I made more recycling cans and bottles than from having to buy and sell those cards lol -David
  3. Happy Birthday Teresa and Anna -David
  4. YaaaaY Linda Congratulations on your Ribbon! :w00t: Yaaaay :thumb: -David
  5. Hi Lynn, Welcome to the group :thumb: I'm so envious of some of the magazines available in the UK :w00t: But the magazines are about all I know about being way on the other side of things out here in California. Would love to see what house you're working on. It's nice to meet folks from all over David
  6. hydroped

    Enchanted Village

    Oh man this Is cool! I want to make one of these -David
  7. Hi CJEP, Thanks - not sure why I didn't think about googling it but wow - I had no idea this stuff could be that old - heck it's almost as old as me :hide: I kept thing it was probably produced mid 70's but this is great. I love having some history with stuff. Thanks again -David
  8. Wow - that IS cool!! I can picture all kinds of stuff in it - I hope it's deep enough to do a cool little viginette or something - I know it's victorian but i keep seeing Mideast Aladin type scenes lol - maybe it's the shape of the openings but man would that be cool to do - you get the outside shape of the building but can see everything going on inside - I think you got an awesome display there!! -David :hide:
  9. Thanks Everyone I really didn't know exactly what I was buying there but they came with the original boxes so I figured I couldn't go too far wrong and I knew someone (or several :hide: ) here would have answers You guys are the best! -David
  10. Hi Tams, Paperclay is a light weight sort of airdry clay. Some people think that it's just another name for paper mache but it's not paper mache at all. It's an amazing product which works great for minis because it's fairly light weight easy to work with, plus it air dries you can use it on floors, cielings, walls and there's no baking involved. Here's a link to the paperclay site - they've got some amazing examples of what can be made with it and more info on the product itself Creative Paperclay For some truly amazing minis made with paperclay check out Tori West's s
  11. hydroped

    David's Mini's

    David's miniatures
  12. hydroped


    Thanks Anya, This was the most fun I've had on any build thus far. I loved taking the Orchid and changing it. It was quite a learning experience -David
  13. hydroped


    I guess you can tell what we were watching on TV when I made that huh? lol - now maybe this year I can make him a body to go with that noggin
  14. Hi all, I picked up some Petite Princess "Fantasy Furniture" yesterday at a yard sale. I know nothing about this stuff really. It looks about 1:12 size.. maybe a little smaller <?> The "Boudoir chaise lounge" looks really nice but the rest is made of plastic. The phone seems quite a bit larger than 1:12 scale <?> Does anyone know what scale or scales these were made for and are they of any value? I'm thinking once I get my dolls on the chaise lounges the lounges may look pretty small -David
  15. Unforuntatly the report button only works if the people you're reporting it to have taken a firm anti -descrimination stance. The last time I asked people not to refer to one of my religions holidays as "Evil" I was told that my religion being "Evil" was an opinion and anyone had a right to post their opinion (again I don't see how that promotes harmony, peace, consideration or community) and that furthermore I had no right to ask people to be respectful towards other cultures and religions. The fact that I'm respectful of other people's religions and holidays didn't seem to matter because (
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