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  1. hydroped

    Enchanted Village

    Oh man this Is cool! I want to make one of these -David
  2. hydroped

    David's Mini's

    David's miniatures
  3. hydroped


    Thanks Anya, This was the most fun I've had on any build thus far. I loved taking the Orchid and changing it. It was quite a learning experience -David
  4. hydroped


    I guess you can tell what we were watching on TV when I made that huh? lol - now maybe this year I can make him a body to go with that noggin
  5. Thank you everyone ;) I've never done anything that got such great praise and from you guys it means A LOT This was a really fun build - I felt bad that it took me so long to finish but I tried a lot of new things and learned whole lot! And yep - this makes it offical - 2 projects I've finished ;) Maybe I'll actually get over my phobia of finishing projects now ;) It really does feel good to have them done ;) but I couldn't have gotten either of them done without everyone here helping me along Thanks again! -David
  6. Well here it is - at last - the completed bash. From this: to this The front entry way Interior: Exterior angles I'd like to say thanks to everyone the Greenleaf Forum who helped with landscaping tips. painting and paperclay tips, opinions and ideas on how to tackle the various problems I encountered while trying this bash experiement. Without their enthusiasm and encouragment I would not have had the courage to tackle such a project. I learned so many things through this build that I really believe this will remain one of
  7. Well I'm there - at the end. Tomorrow will be my last blog entry for this project. I've built a couple of small retaining walls - this time out of polymer clay and put some of my preserved plant material in the retaining walls. It's doubtful that I'll have enough coffee grounds by tomorrow to put in some nice walk ways but we'll see - I'm amazed that used and dried coffee grounds look so much like rich mulch but after this project I know I won't be throwing the coffee grounds away anymore. So here it is - the Orchid - nearly done. I still have a few more bits of lanscaping to put in,
  8. Still no landscaping. I haven't a clue where I put my stuff except that I had a few days before I started looking for it - <sigh> But here's a picture of the new paint job. I think it will work out alright. I'm afraid it may take me a few more houses to learn to do it right the first time and to make them look more the way I want but I think this is better than the last paint job I had on this one - so after sanding, and quite a few color washes Here's how the house stands. A bit of landscaping and I'll consider this a done deal. I'm not sure yet if I'll use the well in the a
  9. Thanks everybody I haven't thought of a name for it - I'm not good at naming things - I'm so bad that I once had a cat named "Kitty-Kitty".. no kidding. Actually I named her that because she wouldn't answer to just "Kitty" I think this house will really fit the theme of our mini show this year which is "Other Times, Other Places" Still trying to find where I Put my landscaping stuff. I swear I just saw it the other day.. <sigh> hmm didn't Deb say she enjoys organizing things? Oh Deb.. when are you coming to Calif?
  10. Here's a photo of the thick paint job that I really didn't like. I almost forgot to take a photo before sanded it all off. All that was left was this one little wall but you can still see the very flat grey color I had painted it. and here at long last is the front of the building - not finished but I'm much happier with the way it looks. I've added yet more to it but am not so worried about how the paint will go on. The roof may be a bit tricky but it can be a little uneven I think and still be ok. The parts I'm adding to the front will be fine just as long as I paint them all a
  11. Making these little push molds is one of my favorite things to do! It's so easy I keep wanting everyone to try it heheh. I think one day it would be cool to have a polymer push mold swap heehee hint hint
  12. Shhh Tracy - don't tell anyone.. but I've never done landscaping before either Well.. I made a 1/2" trellace but that's it! uh oh. I do hope to get a few tall shrubs or maybe a vine going up the all to help make it look like it's been there a long time.. but all I can say is - wish me luck. I have no clue what I'm doing - - we'll see what I can come up with, with flourists foam, miniature train green stuff (if I can find where I put it) and some dried flowers from the 1/2" swap I did -David
  13. I'm afraid there aren't any photos for this update but I wanted to let everyone know why the heck it's taking me so long to finish this up. Every night I work on it... I live with the next day on the kitchen table where I walk by it several dozen times.. and that night I start again trying to fix what I did the night before. This has been going on for about a week. You might be asking what could be so tough? What you messing up every night. Well I may have mentioned I"m not the greatest with paint. So I started out with my blank paperclay.. and gave it a nice light wash.. only it wasn't
  14. I thought it would be a surprise ending heheh but I hope it won't be much longer! Thanks for the kind words -David
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