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  1. Whatever tool I'm using, I set up an assembly line, get into the zone, and keep at it until the job is done. While in the zone I often think about the little people who live in the house. I add to their backstory and think about how happy they will be to have the house finished. My Easy Cutter is just a hair off, as the blade slants a wee bit. It's not very useful for identical cuts but it works okay for individual pieces. I haven't found any way to adjust it.
  2. KathieB


    embossed wallpaper ... brilliant!
  3. Thanks, Gayle! Four pounds of rye flour heading my way. I can smell the bread baking already.
  4. I've been doing Czech recipes during the quarantine. Dinner tonight will be wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut, and bread dumpling. I've been baking most of my bread, white and whole wheat. Would love to make rye bread with caraway seeds but cannot find rye flour in less than 25# bags.
  5. If you use a hot glue gun, it is likely to melt the plastic foam. Aileen's Tacky Glue or the Elmer's white that Holly recommends are your best bet. The T-pins are a bit stiffer than the dressmaker's straight pins, and quilter's pins are longer. With those in your tool box, along with drafting tape, you should sail right along. I'm suggesting drafting tape for dry fitting instead of masking or painter's tapes, which may pull at the paper surface of the foam core board. Drafting tape is meant to hold paper and remove cleanly.
  6. What an interesting color ... a nice accent piece.
  7. Using a simple house kit, like the Primrose, would make this a perfect week-long project.
  8. You are braver than I. Even the thought of carry-out makes me nervous.
  9. When it is thoroughly dry I would give it a couple light sprays to seal the surface.
  10. KathieB


    The patterns all work very well together. Nicely done.
  11. Great job! I love all of the little details in your general store.
  12. Yikes! Good on you for extricating yourself!
  13. I've also been blessed to meet many forum members and can attest to the closeness of this group, both on and off line. Much credit goes to our host Dean and the administrators, who foster a positive environment with the utmost kindness, respect, and inclusiveness -- an atmosphere the rest of the internet would do well to emulate.
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